RR Films: Heated Arguments

The story that primary school children have lost marks in their Sats tests for misshapen commas is one bound to get Guardian readers arguing about punctuation standards, petty bureaucracy and, very likely, why should perpetually underpaid teachers have to deal with crap like this? The Daily Hell will, no doubt, get het up for other reasons.

So what about films that cause arguments? Have you ever watched something that you thought was profound/original/hilarious and you later discover that others disagree? Yes, you have, and you’ve also been the naysayer: What a load of pretentious crap/I could see the end coming a mile off/ I didn’t laugh once.

The most recent film that caused me to narrowly avoid an argument was Elle, starring Isabelle Huppert as a woman who reacts to being raped in an unexpected manner. I found it stunning, for many reasons; my friend thought it crossed a red line.

I’d be interested in others’ views of Elle (which I desperately hope is never re-made with a different actress), but I’m more interested in films about which you’ve had, or narrowly avoided, an argument. You may or may not be recommending them…..