PopPopPop – CheeseCheeseCheese?

Well here’s a thing. Pop music has its place; it’s a good pick-me-up when you don’t want anything too heavy or cerebral. Here’s a YouTube list of things that have caught my ear recently. Is it fun? Is it awful? Have you any songs you’d like to add? Should I be struck off The ‘Spill? Discuss.

17 thoughts on “PopPopPop – CheeseCheeseCheese?

  1. Good pop music.

    I’m going to Pori Jazz today, but due to “whatevas” I have to take the children with me. Wish I had this playlist on CD – it’d keep them happy on the two hour drive..

    They may never forgive me for making their first ever gig Joose Keskitalo. Ha!

    • I’m sure they will. Children are often more open-minded than adults. You are merely educating them by stealth!

    • P.S. great playlist, liked all except Ambrose Akinmusire; particularly liked Fantastic Negrito and Tuomari Nurmio. Canned Heat I know, of course.

      • Ha! The children were great and very open-minded – the eldest liked Ambrose Akinmusire best, AmAk was outstanding. Anyway, I’ve promised to take the eldest to gigs and festivals now. He already wanted to see Imagine Dragons yesterday but they were in another part of Finland.

        The Pori Jazz Festival is the most relaxed festival ever and the children went here there and everywhere without problems. There’s also a really large children’s playground and park and shows outside the main concert area – so they went from being “Dad, do we have to?” to “That was a really good day”. And that was despite the weather alternating between showers and sun and never rising above 14 Celsius the whole day.

        Canned Heat were the first band they saw – we caught the tail end of the set and it was fun. The only problem with the festival was the shite weather and the children running out of energy and becoming shiveeeeerrrryyyyy so we missed Brian Wilson, who was apparently brilliant. Also had to return the children back to their mother early on Friday afternoon before heading back to Pori. They’d been with me for a month and I miss them now – it’s so empty.

        BTW. Tuomari Nurmio was the best I’ve ever heard him. Cinematic Orchestra were soooo good and Kandace Springs was lovely – thanked her for playing a song written by a man from Salford – Ewan MacColl’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” – and she was hip to the connection. Today’s line up is very weird. Jethro Tull Grace Jones, Erykah Badu, White Lies, Verneri Pohjola… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIqvuKnYWhk&index=1&list=PLwmnm6S9mz76-oIHkb0KHMm-rtry0LHi8

        • Hope you enjoyed the rest of the festival – your children have very sophisticated taste, I’m not very open to jazz. I enjoyed the second playlist though, particularly Michael Kiwanuka, Shabanka & the Ancestors, Sun Ra, White Lies and Grace Jones (of course). My son used to like Imagine Dragons although probably wouldn’t admit to it now – we’ve got “Night Visions” (album). Music is very good for filling empty spaces – don’t be too downhearted, the children had a great time!

  2. Nothing wrong with Snow Patrol (though not sure I’d call them ‘pop music’) nor the Miley track; when she puts her mind to it she can sing fantastically well.

    • Hi Leavey, i was late to the party for your playlist, but i just wanted to say that i absolutely loved that Jason Isbell track. Heard of him, but never any tunes before, and i’ll be checking out his other stuff.

      • Cheers amylee, think DsD and tincanman are also (big) fans and could probably suggest some decent back-catalogue tracks.

        I ‘discovered’ him through a song called Super 8 and then listened to the album it came from Southeastern. It may well have been either of them that had suggested it but it was a while ago and the memory is failing 😉

  3. Ali, if you’re getting kicked off the Spill for cheesy pop, then so am i. I’m glad you found a new guy, hope you’re enjoying your non-cerebral summer.

  4. You know me, I’m (almost) all about the pop. Recent songs that have been doing it for me include:

    Lorde: Green Light
    Bleachers: Don’t Take The Money
    Haim: Want You Back
    Clean Bandit feat. Marina & The Diamonds: Disconnect

    • Cheers Bish. I didn’t like “Green Light” until they used it as a link on the Glastonbury coverage this year, now I’m hooked – that green light, I want it!!

      • It took a while for it to hook me too. It’s slightly oddly structured (didn’t Max Martin or some such pop luminary say it doesn’t work?) and the bit about the great whites and their big teeth grated at first… but I love it now.

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