Space Age Marionette Music Video

Yuliya Tsukerman is a long-time follower of The ‘Spill, and has shared her latest project with us – a handmade marionette music video for Austin-based band Man, Woman, Friend, Computer. Yulia is currently an artist-in-residence at Mana Contemporary, and this project, a fifteen-minute film, has been a labor of love for the past four months.

The film is set to the first and final tracks of Man, Woman, Friend, Computer‘s debut album, with a newly-composed interlude between the tracks that connects the songs, both musically and narratively, into a cohesive score.

Titled “Exordium/Outgrown“, the film tells the story of a spaceman who comes to terms with isolation and loss as he cares for an injured alien creature. It combines centuries-old Czech marionette techniques with modern materials and found objects, creating an analog reimagining of the space age that points to the the loneliness of the digital world, and to the new distances we create as we try to conquer the old.

Man, Woman, Friend, Computer‘s wonderful debut album is available at Bandcamp, and you can find more of Yulia’s work here.

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