Sounds on Sunday 38

Another selection of new sounds for you – please feel free to comment, below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Grok Enrol & The Nu-Thing – Bouncin’ Along Song: “The new single from the Sheffield / Leeds based band Grok Enrol & The Nu-Thing, released on July 21st as a 2 track digital download on Premonition Tapes… (it) is an upbeat blend of reggae and electronica, full of hope and positivity. It has been edited from the forthcoming album “All\Mix/Dup”, and is an updated version of the song that originally came out on the ill-fated “Now That’s What I Call A Bit Weird Vol.23” album. It features guests Tim (Techno Ken) Jones on Hammond organ along with some percussive dubification from Paul Bower, and has a fantastic piece of cover artwork by Orchestre Nihilistica. The single also contains an instrumental dub mix.” The band are playing at the Tramlines festival in Sheffield on Friday 21st July.

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