Sounds on Sunday 38

Another selection of new sounds for you – please feel free to comment, below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Grok Enrol & The Nu-Thing – Bouncin’ Along Song: “The new single from the Sheffield / Leeds based band Grok Enrol & The Nu-Thing, released on July 21st as a 2 track digital download on Premonition Tapes… (it) is an upbeat blend of reggae and electronica, full of hope and positivity. It has been edited from the forthcoming album “All\Mix/Dup”, and is an updated version of the song that originally came out on the ill-fated “Now That’s What I Call A Bit Weird Vol.23” album. It features guests Tim (Techno Ken) Jones on Hammond organ along with some percussive dubification from Paul Bower, and has a fantastic piece of cover artwork by Orchestre Nihilistica. The single also contains an instrumental dub mix.” The band are playing at the Tramlines festival in Sheffield on Friday 21st July.

Hider – Yosemite: “…a time capsule of youthful, summer love, acoustic guitars blended with steady beats and shining synths as Hider’s falsetto soars … Following debut “You Look So Amazing”, this is the second single from an individual who unintentionally took a six year break from making music as a solo artist, a previously acclaimed singer-songwriter returning under a new moniker. During those six years away, Hider sold guitars on London’s Legendary Denmark Street and produced other artists work before becoming an in demand composer for adverts and film trailers including work for Volvo, Skoda, Toyota and The Walking Dead.”

Matthew Ryan (I Just Died) Like An Aviator: “…the new album from cult-favorite indie troubadour Matthew Ryan. His new LP, Hustle Up Starlings … was produced by Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem and features Ryan Adams drummer Brad Pemberton. It recently received a 5-star review in Record Collector UK. Hustle Up Starlings deftly fuses gritty Replacements-style rock and post-punk with moody, atmospheric Americana, all tied together by Ryan’s gravelly whisper-croon. The songs reveal a disarming vulnerability, loneliness, and anxiety rearing their heads as Ryan reflects on what once was and what might be.”

Nick Schott – Empathic Hunter: “Nick Schott started playing guitar at age 13, focused on classical guitar from ages 17-21, and then began singing and songwriting from 21-24 (current age). Alongside Nick, drummer Stephen Cabebe, bassist Ian Earley, and keyboardist Francis Salamanca recorded the recently released 10-song album, Shadows of Fire, in four days (vocals on two separate days).” This song is from the album.

Storm the Palace – Go Home: “Storm the Palace are an Edinburgh and London based five-piece band who combine elements of baroque-pop and traditional folk with menacing melodies and cinematic flare. The band have released their debut album Snow, Stars and Public Transport, out now via Abandoned Love Records.”

The Golden Pony – Risk Taker (Ft. Denham): “The Golden Pony broke onto the scene in 2014 with a string of bootleg remixes of classic tunes. The “Curly Haired Duo” have since gathered over 25 million+ streams on Soundcloud & Youtube & Spotify, 5 #1 Hype machine hits, and original releases on Armada Deep, Enormous Tunes, Uprise Music, and official remix’s on Sony, Atlantic and RCA.”

The Anatomy of Frank – La Llorona: “The Virginia based folk-rock trio The Anatomy of Frank explore nostalgia, relationships and mortality with the release of their latest album South America, out on 1st September 2017 via Polar Islands. Having formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2010 as a five-piece, in 2015 the band found themselves in a state of disarray with the departure of two members. As a result, Kyle (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Bullis (keyboards) and Max Bollinger (drums) decided to re-orchestrate their sound and breathe new life into the band’s identity.”

David Mark Bulley – Where Do We Go From Here: “David Mark Bulley is a London based singer-songwriter who released the music video for his latest single ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ back in March. He has since announced the release of an 11-track EP called Prologue, a personal collection of songs carefully woven together to tell his story.”

Kupid aka Q – Whoshotya ft. Jus J: “Kupid a.k.a “Q” was born in New York City and later was raised in Antigua. At the age of nine, he returned to the U.S and has been there since. He is an emerging artist located in Orlando, FL. His music is a reflection of Island Pop, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and R&B. Some of his most popular songs include “Who Shot Ya” feat. Jus J and produced by Troyton Rami from Black Shadow Records. Others include “Hey Girl” and “Rant”.

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