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The story that the UK government is going to stop teenage boys (and girls) watching porn on the internet – from next year! – by asking them to prove their age made me hope that RRSA Cloud Cuckoo Land was in the Marconium…. Alas, it isn’t. And, as we’ve already done Futility, let’s focus instead on the same thing as those youngsters: Lust.

This series has reached its first anniversary and my amour and I have just reached our second, so its time for a party. Amy guru’d the RR music topic, so I’m hoping she will be joining in enthusiastically, but all are welcome, whatever turns them on….

Spike Lee’s last feature, Chi-Raq, was his almost successful take on the Lysistrata story of women withholding sex to stop their men fighting. They have to keep reminding the men what they are missing, of course, which is quite effective in parts (ooh er, missus!) and I guarantee you will find the campaign slogans very memorable.

What films would you recommend about/involving lust? You may wish to make your comments anonymous…..


32 thoughts on “RR Films: Lust

  1. There are a lot of films with lust in them but not many that I would actually recommend. Two exceptions are “American Beauty” in which Kevin Spacey has the hots for his daughter’s 17 year old schoolfriend Angela, and on the point of satisfying his lust thinks better of it, and ” In The Mood for Love” by Wong Kar Wai, a brilliant moody, noirish love story between 2 people in Hong Kong whose spouses are also having an affair. It is a fascinating under playing of traditional lust but the tension between the lovers makes it even more erotic.

  2. In the Mood for Love is, indeed, a fantastic film but this week I can only go for:

    In the Realm of the Senses

    One review (probably the Guardian) started off by calling it “the ultimate ‘is it art or is it porn? film”.

    And concluded “don’t worry, it’s art”.

    Could be both, of course. This “trailer” sadly doesn’t quite convey the film’s, erm, intensity.

    A friend told me that, when he saw it, somebody stumbled through a door near the front of the cinema just as the film was approaching its notorious final scene. Obviously lost and in the wrong place, they turned to look at the screen, gasped and fled.

    There is, of course, also Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac. Being an perverse and awkward old git I thought part one was fantastic and part two was crap.

  3. Dudley Moore and Peter Cook’s Bedazzled, which revolves around the latter’s exploitation of the former’s unrequited lust for his workmate.

    It also features Lust as a character, as played by Rachel Welch.

    (Don’t bother with the remake though.)

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! I think I’m probably watching the wrong sort of films, all I can think of is “Blue Velvet”. Not even sure if that’s about lust exactly. In fact I’m not sure what it’s about at all, but it will have to suffice!

  5. I find that i’m surprisingly at a loss here. It’s one thing to guru and be spoiled rotten for choices, andther to pick just one film that’s about lust. Donds for Secretary and American Beauty. Lotta lust in American Beauty – not just Kevin and Mira. There’s his wife for the realtor, his daughter and the neighbor son’s lust for each other, and the neighbors for Kevin.

    There are a few others i’ve put up for other topics that would fit the bill, say Body Heat and Vertigo. Yep, Vertigo, i’m no big fan of James Stewart as an actor, but that scene in the restaurant where he first sees Kim Novak and looks like he got socked in the gut is the gist of the film for me. And i haven’t yet seen it, but keep promising myself that i will, i’d give Sev the winner here for Realm of the Senses, which by all accounts is the real deal. I just have an aversion to castration scenes maybe.

    Probably interchangable, but i’m still trying to make a distinction between lust and horniness. So no American Pie or whatever. Tons of noir, but Shoey probably wins that one. Can think of lots of not so great to awful films about lust – Unfaithful, Sliver, Fatal Attraction, Sea of Love, many more.

    The Lover would fit the bill but i thought it was just awful. So i think i’ll try to see soon another Tony Leung film soon that looks like it may very well work – Lust, Caution.

    • Another bad one – Seems that Jeremy Irons used to be the go-to British guy when you needed a perv. He got to be the hapless actor who got to star in Damage. I had read the book, and liked it. The film was supposed to be this intense film about taboo sexual obsession, but i saw the premeire in LA, and the whole theater just basically laughed through the whole film. Don’t think that was the intended or desired response. Couldn’t really bring myself to see what kind of a botch that might have made with Lolita, that was Adrian Lyne.

      (None of this is anything against Irons as an actor, whom i love.)

      • Which makes me think, Chris, maybe we can have a fun week with the worst films on a topic, as opposed to the best 🙂

      • Mickey Rourke somehow ended up as the American go-to guy when you needed a perv, i never got the attraction at all. 9 1/2 weeks was another awful one. Never did see Angel Heart.

      • Or James Spader, who was a convincing and magnificent perv, and another story altogether. Alas, he hasn’t aged well.

        • Mention of James Spader reminds me of sex, lies and videotape , an examination of sexual drives.

          And yes, worst films is a good idea. I’m going to tweak the format of this series (it’s getting increasingly difficult find a news/RR topic link that isn’t negative), so I’ll bear that in mind. All suggestions welcome!

  6. I mentioned it before, but it has to be The Handmaiden from earlier in the year. Beautifully shot and bursting with convincing lust

  7. Here’s the ‘rhythm’ clip from Delicatessen


    “Many elements of cause/consequence make the film ever more interesting to watch again and again. One such example is a couple always using the same prophylactic (condom), of which the husband (Ticky Olgado) takes great care: it has been patched twice. Hence, the couple has two kids.”

    • I was stuck in France as a 16 year old – waiting for the early morning ferry – a cinema owner said I could sit in the overnight showing of a film – to stay safe and keep warm, it was summer – I didn’t really need to… but why not… (this sort of this happened to me a lot).
      About 4 people were in this small cimema – I payed my Francs – cheeper than a room – and sat down to watch:

      Betty Blue (37° le matin) – I couldn’t speak enough French to understand it – but it was visually beautiful and Beatrice Dalle was hot, but bloody hell it all went pear shaped.

      A little while later it was released on VHS in England with subtitles and I needed to know the full story – I had to get to Tower records in London to find it AND it cost me £44.99 for a tape – for a tape…. for a TAPE! so I could watch it and find out what on earth was going on.

      Blimy. But I do believe lust is featured heavily.

      I easily made the money back in free beer and vodka when people came to our house share to watch this film that everyone had a posters of – but no-one could get to see… those were the days.

    • Lotta people walked out of that film when i saw it, most of them during that endless monologue though. So boring i nearly walked myself.

    • I saw Last Tango actually in a Paris cinema on the nearest thing I’ve ever had to a honeymoon. I still remember the X-rated after-effects 😉

    • Funny but 100% true story: three of us were picked to go on a quest, Get Tango. I went to Singapore and my pals to Thailand (don’t ask).
      I forgot Last Tango the minute I found Jesus Christ Superstar. My mission, I was convinced, is over.
      Last Tango was also liberated though with none of the hassles I’d faced. Smuggling a rock opera on Jesus was really fraught with dangers. It reached ridiculous levels when we were assigning codewords for those taking it and those returning it.
      Funnily Tango was passed around blithely even as JCS was treated like a dirty drug deal. Naturally it’s a firm favourite of mine.

      • Ah, the 60s and 70s rock musicals! JCS, Godspell, Hair, Tommy. I now have an urge to binge listen to the blessed 5th Dimension.

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