Luke’s Label Lowdown #2 – Riot Season

Here’s Part 2 of my random and very occasional series on my favourite record labels.

For my money, Riot Season records is the best label in the UK at the moment and as far as I can tell it’s run out of a back bedroom in Brum by a bloke called Andy, who does it for the pure love of the music.

The order of the day is usually heavy heavy psych rock (Hibushibire, Blown Out, The Cosmic Dead), but there’s straight up rough and ready rock too (Bad Guys), noise rock (Hey Collossus – before they turned into a conventional rock band on their new album!), experimental noise (Shit and Shine) and all things in between.

I can’t stop listening to the Hibushibire record at the moment, so I thought it would be a good time to do a label lowdown. Most stuff gets released on vinyl and everything can be found on their Bandcamp page.



Bad Guys

Blown Out

Shit and Shine

Hey Colossus

18 thoughts on “Luke’s Label Lowdown #2 – Riot Season

  1. Keep ‘em coming, Panthersan ! Hibushibire is brilliant. Floats my boat. I’ve just checked out Jon Weinel’s colour explosive video for the whole album – Star rockets in flight afternoon delight.
    Cheers !

  2. Hey Panther, I had the same idea some time ago: what was my favorite label of all-time? A difficult question to cover 60 odd years of record collecting. The first that came to mind was Verve records, which forms the basis of my jazz collection, they began right after WW2, starting under different names, Clef and Norgran by Norman Grantz. They absolutely monopolized jazz from then ’til now, recording just about every name, often many times over. The name became Verve in the mid 60’s.
    Island records became a big challenger when reggae emerged in the late 60’s, initially I started buying anything on that label but that soon evolved into many small independent specialist labels; I continue to think of Island as the label that introduced me to reggae via Bob & the Wailers.
    The last label that came to mind was Rough Guide, to my mind the best compilation label ever. They choose a topic; a country, an artist, a musical genre etc and then create a playlist. And then to top it off they produce an insert booklet that gives essays about every aspect of every cut, and there’s usually a dozen or more. On top of all that they’re a major publishing house, if you’re serious about your music you MUST have “World Music – the Rough Guide” close at hand, it’s an invaluable resource.

    • I think I’ve probably got a few records on Verve, but not that many considering it’s such a huge discography (would welcome a playlist from someone with far more knowledge than me!).

      The only Rough Guide music book i’ve got is the Reggae one, it’s great and anything but ‘rough’, they should call it the ‘Thorough Guide to..”!! I didn’t know they had a record label too – will look out for some.

  3. Hey Panther. This is a great write up and I’ve enjoyed the playlist. Thanks for putting it together. Andy from Riot Season just wanted you to know that he’s not a Brum but a Black Country boy – message via Twitter.

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  5. Great stuff Panth. I got the Krause album from them I think earlier in the year. One of my fave things heard this year. Liked the USA/Mexico song on the site too, but not quite enough to buy the vinyl!

    • I knew you were a fan (noticed the Krause nom on the Song Bar). Haven’t got round to listening to that record yet – will rectify that soon!

      Would like to be a more loyal customer, but they don’t seem to have distribution in Japan, so I save up my Riot Season vinyl shopping for my annual visits back home to Brighton!

  6. i’m not sure the Krause is as complex as some of the other RS stuff but I think it’s great.

    I also have bought the “kevat” release from Oranssi – has a really great second track on that. I think it was only being sold at their gigs initially. anyway if you don’t beat me to it it’ll be in consideration at the end of year 🙂 they seem to be re-releasing some of their older stuff on coloured vinyl as well. I only had last year’s album so I have bought an older one too whilst I was ordering kevat.

    • have been listening to the “Muukalainen puhuu” album on Bandcamp and it’s great. Will check the “kevat” – cheers!

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