The Wheel of Your Tune

Late this week – soz!

The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number.  The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album.  This week’s spin landed on D3.  This week I’ve chosen Duran Duran’s Hungry Like the Wolf from their most excellent album Rio (it also links back quite nicely to something I posted the other week.  Massive bonus points if the track you choose happens to be a Geldof’s Paradox; track 3 of side 1 of the 5th album of your chosen artist 😉  (Spot my deliberate mistake to make this work, folks).

What’s your D4?

32 thoughts on “The Wheel of Your Tune

  1. Deliberate mistake is:

    You’ve ended the post with the question: What’s your D4?

    Yet you are after D 3 tracks – I like quizzes like this, unlike the questions my 6 year old asks – I can answer this!

    • D – 3 PLAYLIST

      okay, I’ve had to wing this to make them Gobshite’s Paradox; track 3 of side 1 of the 5th album

      The Dø – Miracles (Back In Time) – so the two people in The Dø wrote a soundtrack together before they formed the band – so this is off The Dø’s fourth but their 5th album together.

      dEUS – Eternal Woman

      Dan le sac (feat Emmy the Great) – Memorial / Reprisals – Dan self released an album and then released 3 with Scroobius Pip, then this his official solo debut album! = his 5th release.

      The Dodos – Confidence

      De La Soul – My Writes Ft. J-Ro|Tash|Xzibit

      Dexys – Curragh Of Kildare

      and I’m really disappointed that I can’t feature the dream syndicate, who will be releasing their 5th album later in the year! – the track would be out of my head.

      • Now, have you heard All She Wants – track 3 of side 1 of Duran Duran’s 5th album?

        I’m no DD fan – I don’t really like his singing voice – but some tracks are decent, I thought the music to the chauffeur off Rio was ace – I did have a book about their concert film ‘Arena’ it was interestingly designed and being a Barberella fan was fascinating to see how they mixed it up with the original film that they took their name from, it must have cost shed loads of money!

        Anyway – one of them released an art/photgraphy book; Poloroids of TV screens de-tuned – that was SHIT – shit with a capital ‘you would not have got this published if you weren’t it Duran Duran SHIT’
        rant, rant – give concept photography a bad name why don’t you, rant – heehee.

        • Was that perhaps just because one of Japan had got into polaroid art or something like it, and there was a part of Duran that wanted to be Japan. Members of pop bands getting into arty photography was the thing in 83 I think, a bit like doing a fashion line now.
          I never liked Le Bon’s voice either, and I’ve got a high tolerance for singers who can’t sing.

          • is that were Japan’s Gentlemen take Polaroids comes from?

            I’ve got a high tolerance for singers who can’t sing too – in fact I really like the pure inability of some of those I enjoy.
            So, it’s not that aspect of it – it’s something else … bloke from Tears for Fears is the same – even the thought of it makes me shudder.

        • speaking of concept photography, Blixa Bargeld has done a book of bathrooms of various hotels he’s stayed in, if I saw it in a charity shop I’d snap it up, but expensive import? No thanks.

        • I’m no DD fan – I don’t really like his singing voice

          That’s why I only use it inside the privacy of my car or office!

          • Right at this moment I’ve only had a pint of cider and I’m singing along with Hannah Reid. I think we’re a beautiful duet. Millions wouldn’t.

  2. Are we going for D3? In which case my first choice would be Dexys Midnight Runners – All In All (This One Last Wild Waltz) – one of the highlights of my favourite album.

    More obscure options

    The Dark – Bullet In A Gun
    The Defects – Survival
    The Disrupters – Surfshock

  3. The Damned’s third album “Machine Gun Etiquette” had this as track three.

    The Damned – I Just Can’t Be Happy Today

    A bit early for a comeback album but after their second one a lot of people had written them off.

    It wasn’t well received – and afterwards their main songwriter and guitarist, Brian James, left the band.
    So this was something of a triumph.

    • Not only had they been written off but they had properly split up for several months. The Damned were I think the first punk band to reform – they were always ahead of everyone. Look where it’s led! (ie Blackpool in 2 weeks)

      • You’re right. I had forgotten about that. I remember seeing three of them play a gig at the Electric Ballroom with Lemmy on bass. I think they called themselves The Doomed. Not sure if that was before they split or after they got back together. It’s just Dave and Captain of the originals now I think but they’ve had so many members I rather lost track.

  4. None of those meet the “paradox” criteria though. Not many of my favourite “D”s have reached the fifth album, some never even got as far as making a first album (Dead Wretched). So for this option the only thing I’ve thought of is The Damned – Stranger On The Town. A good track (the Damned do first album Dexys!) though had they snuck on at Live Aid I doubt it would have been the obvious choice and Geldof’s dictat would have gone unchallenged.
    There’s also The Dickies – track 3 on Idjit Savant is Toxic Avenger , good track on what is imho their best album overall.

    I’ll admit to not having bothered with the latest (fifth) Dexys album – doesn’t really appeal.

  5. Miles Davis- Blue in green, from Kind of Blue.

    This certainly wasn’t his fifth album. On the other hand, he never played the piece live as far as I know. So that evens out. And if he’d ever been invited onto Live Aid he wouldn’t have performed anything “old” in any case. Not sure where I’m going with this.

  6. quite a few possible D3 choices for me

    heart – darkside (from psychic) was one of my end of year spill choices
    severance – dead can dance (the serpent’s egg)
    that’s what you always say – the dream syndicate (days of..) though i prefer the Luna cover
    revival – deerhunter (halcyon digest)
    wounded wing – duke spirit (from last year’s kin) – sweet
    one advice, space – deus (the ideal crash)
    going steady – death from above 1979 (you’re a woman, i’m a machine)
    a ten legged beast – deep freeze mice (the gates of lunch)
    i’m still in love – disco inferno (technicolour)

    and plenty in the album names as well
    gila – beach house (devotion)
    impressionist – autobahn (dissemble) – another end of year spill choice
    wave of mutilation – pixies

    here’s track 3 from Spectres’ Dying album

  7. I didn’t initially spot the reference to Wyngate’s thread about 5th album, 3rd track.

    Now I have, I feel obliged to mention that Bob Dylan’s fifth studio album was Bringing it All Back Home and the third track of side one was (fanfare) Maggie’s Farm.

  8. Aha, Depeche Mode’s fifth album was Black Celebration, still in my top 3 of theirs and track 3, side one is A Question of Lust, got to number 28 pop pickers and it features Martin Gore on lead vocals, it’s his birthday today, so I feel I have now won the internet. Thank you.

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