Sounds on Sunday 39

More sounds for your listening pleasure. Please feel free to comment, below.

Fhin – Holy Drops: From Paris, France – more here.

Ollie Gabriel – Running Man: “With a good portion of earned laurels and a lot of experience, Ollie is now ready to release his debut single “RUNNING MAN“ in the USA. The single is a highly infectious anthem about following your dreams and overcoming obstacles. That is the message the video for the single carries as well. The video shows the Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper. Leeper was born missing both of his lower legs, yet the American was equipped with prosthetics at the age of 9 months. At the Paralympic Games in London in 2012, Blake managed to earn a silver and a bronze medal, in two different sprint disciplines – there is not a more obvious and authentic metaphor for Gabriel’s message.”

thanks. – Your World: “thanks. is Steve Pagano and Mario Borgatta. Combining psychedelic pop, cinematic vibes and electronically influenced beats and melodies, thanks. have succeeded in creating catchy indie pop with an edge…The duo emerged after meeting at Berklee College of Music in 2009.” This is the lead single from their debut album, “Colfax”.

Damzky – Hurt: “Damzky consists of the house producer Adam Rickfors, who last year released on Steve Angelo’s company Size Records, and songwriter David Lindgren Zacharias. “Hurt” is Damzky’s second single and is looking to be a successful follow up to their debut “Heal”. It has all the makings of a quality EDM / Future Bass track.”

God Tiny – Awaken: “God Tiny takes a cue from the continuum of American classic-rock – with psych, soul, blues garage, and pop influences. Their sound recalls the past while injecting a contemporary mold. The act pretty much grew up together, comprised of Peter Spengeman (lead guitar), Jeremy Kolker, (vocals, guitar), Benjamin Lomei (guitar), Jordan Smith (bass), and Maximillion Lubis (drums). Spengeman, Kolker, and Lomei all grew up in the same Hudson Valley, NY town, playing in bands together since their early teenage years.”

A J Salvatore – Sojourn (feat. Tessa Marie): “Formerly known as Wolfe and garnering 700,000+ plays, the young 21 year old is now ready to pursue a new path with his matured sound and carefully honed skills. After sharing the stage and opening for superstars such as Carnage, Ghastly, Alvin Risk, Dirty South, Shaun Frank, and SNBRN to name a few, AJ Salvatore is known for his high energy performances that can get any crowd moving.”

Foliage – Silence: Based out of San Bernardino, California, Manuel Joseph Walker started his synth-tinged, jangle-pop project Foliage at the age of 16. He released his debut LP ‘Truths’ on Bandcamp the week before his 17th birthday. The record sold out in less than a week on physical. The recording, songwriting, and production for Foliage is all done by Walker, who is now 19 years old. Foliage’s new record is called ‘Silence’, and tells the story of an abusive relationship he was in. The first single from the release, “Dare”, was about trying to find an escape, but being held back. Released just a month ago, it’s has over 10,000 plays across Soundcloud and YouTube.”

Rare Monk – Happy Haunting: Rare Monk is a Portland, OR based indie rock band. They are gearing up to release their debut full-length album, “A Future”, in the summer of 2017 – featuring 10 brand new songs recorded in Portland with Skyler Norwood (Blind Pilot, Horsefeathers, Priory). The songs deal with death and agency – our control (both individual and as a species) of how the future will play out … The songs are also a lot of fun – big guitar fun – a commitment to giant choruses as a medium to discuss humanity’s doom and how we might prevent it.”

Martin Luke Brown – Into Yellow: I know nothing, I just like the song, but here is an interview he did with TMRW magazine.

Turtle Farm – Tremors: “San Francisco’s electronic music act Turtle Farm, long known for defying genres, will now be known for defying death as well as they return from the grave with glorious new tracks after a years-long struggle with addiction to strawberry-flavored marshmallows … “For the first time in my life, I had money” says Turtle Farm’s creator Garrett W., “I was standing in line at target, and I saw a bag of strawberry marshmallows. Normally I don’t have marshmallow money” he says, “that day I did” … In the end, it wasn’t his power of will or desire to create more music that saved him. “They just stopped making the marshmallows I like” he says. “I only like the strawberry ones.””

Harp Samuels – Secrets: “Harp Samuels is an alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a unique, modern, and beautiful style.Though this is his first solo LP, Harp is by no means new to the craft. He has travelled and performed internationally, done session work for other artists and has composed music for television and film. He writes, records and produces all of his own material, and is deeply involved in his own video productions, somehow finding time to collaborate with others whenever he has the opportunity– this music video was shot, directed, and cut by Samuels himself!”

July Jones – Jump in the Water: London based singer/songwriter … July Jones releases her debut single … ‘Jump In The Water’. The stark, atmospheric production (which comes courtesy of Tylr Schnydyr) is balanced by July’s strong and naturally soulful vocal delivery. In a recent interview with Notion Magazine she explains the meaning of the track, July says: “Jump in the Water is quite metaphorical. It talks about me jumping into the water, which in my case translates to life in general; I always dive fully into what I believe in, which happens to be music, love, and the beliefs that I hold.”

Hyphen – Lost: “After touring in New York, London and Delhi, Hyphen is now gearing up for the release of his debut EP ‘Dance Songs to Die To’. Featured on international platforms such as Sofar Sounds, ILUVLIVE and Don’t Flop, the highlight of Hyphen’s year was a sold-out headline show in New York. Without having a single or EP out, Hyphen has managed to garner over 50,000 views across digital platforms, featured on the same sets that the likes of Ed Sheeran and Bastille have played and is now on board with a team who’ve worked with artists like George the Poet, D’Banj and some of the best up and coming UK talent such as Deanne Chase and Hunter.”

3 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 39

  1. Good set. Higher level of skill and musicianship than usual. Case in point – God Tiny. Especially liked Fihn, Ollie Gabriel and Martin Luke Brown and the first two in the YT list, Turtle Farm (though the clip gave me a headache) and Harp Samuels.

  2. I liked Turtle Farm and July Jones the most of this week’s bunch. By some distance actually. Not as keen as you two above on the whole set. Possibly just too much autotune for my taste. That’s on one listen mind, I sometimes change my mind if there is time for a second run through.

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