Earworms 24 July 2017

A thoughtful selection for you today. I spent this afternoon at a local beer festival, bopping along to a loud, rocky covers band – sober, as I was driving – on the way home I gave two strangers a lift, as it was raining. They insisted on taking me to their local hostelry, which was kind, except that it was evidently karaoke / old folks night. The fastest pint of shandy I’ve ever drunk. Anyway, here is the antidote. If you have an earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors.

Jillette Johnson – Bunny – glassarfemptee: Jillette Johnson is a New York City singer/ songwriter who sings winsomely – in this case, on the familiar theme of the trials of being a singer/songwriter. “You can have my body, but you can’t have me”…

Emily Lee – Special – AliM: Emily Lee is a young, confident singer-songwriter, and a stand-out performer on the London music scene. She played at the Holywell Green Music Festival last weekend; I particularly liked this song, which is from her excellent EP, “Don’t Forget To Love”.

Father John Misty – Leaving LA – tincanman: Crusty centrepiece of Josh Tilman’s alter ego’s latest, Pure Comedy

Saurav Moni – O Maji Re – Ravi Raman: Lesle Lewis, who has arranged this, has brought together an old folk song from the Ganges and a Bollywood classic that was taken from the former. Saurav is a folk singer who specialises in archiving music of Bengal. Here he is joined by Shaan, a playback singer. This genre is called Bhaitiali, river songs, and is sung by boatmen.

Image Copyright: <a href=’https://www.123rf.com/profile_hudakore’>hudakore / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

6 thoughts on “Earworms 24 July 2017

  1. Nice week for singers! Despite the orchestration very folksy feel. Lovely. Going to enjoy relistening the set all through the week.
    And gosh the Father John Misty song is powerfully personal.

  2. All winners for me this week.
    I don’t know either Jillette Johnson or Emily Lee but liked both. New York and London. Can’t choose between them. That slight quaver in Emily Lee’s voice really reminds me of someone (from the seventies?) but I can’t think who it is.
    The FJM song needs a bit of getting used to but it does make me want to check the album out. I do have I Love You Honeybear but I gather (and I can now hear) that this one is starker and bleaker.
    Loved the Saurav Moni track. I don’t understand a a word but that’s something of a relief after the word-heavy previous song. The music was enough on its own. Blissful.

    • Sorry, I should have included some link but couldn’t find any. The river as a metaphor for life, that’s what the song’s about in essence.
      The first verse, which is the older folk song, is something like: I rowed the whole night only to find in daylight I hadn’t moved at all.
      And the gist of the Bollywood song, the verses starting with the song title: Many eroded shores are flowing in the river stream
      One has come across all supports that one had lost earlier
      Any support that one comes across in midstream is one’s true support
      O maajhi re, flowing stream of river is my shore.

      Hope that helps.

    • Very regional specific GF. Limited to Bengal and Bangladesh nowadays. I’m just rediscovering these gems myself. Glad you liked it.

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