Banned From The States

I’m busy getting ready to head to Rebellion ridiculously early in the morning but I just thought I’d share with you the startling news that the latest threat to US security banned under Trump’s regime is none other than cuddly Peter Test Tube.

According to a report on Team Rock website Peter had flown to join the band for a festival appearance but was detained at the airport and interrogated for several hours before being deported – for impersonating Trump onstage in Germany a few months ago! To make matters worse on the flight home because he was a deportee he was refused alcohol!

Just the latest minor example of the world seemingly going increasingly mad and quite an impressive feat that such a lightweight piece of satire if you want to go as far as calling it that, from arguably the least political band to come out of the early 80s punk scene, should get this reaction. I’m sure it’s going to boost Peter’s punk cred quite considerably.

See you next week, hopefully with the usual rundown of Rebellion shenanigans.

9 thoughts on “Banned From The States

  1. A motorcycle group I’m in (not a gang 🙂 I’m not allowed) was planning a day trip south of here (Vancouver) to some bike show and shine/festival last week, going around the circle asking who was in, what time we should leave, etc. Everyone was pretty pumped for it until a usually bubbly and energetic new member named Rhonda (or as she’s better known, 650 VStar) said she’d probably better not be included.
    Plan was to ride down as a group, which involves crossing into US. Rhonda doubts she’s be allowed to cross with us. She’s Canadian, gainfully employed, no criminal past or activist connections…but is of Persian descent.
    I was incredulous until another member told of accompanying his son’s high school water polo team to a tournament in Seattle and having to stay behind at the border for 4 hours while one of the teens, a second generation Canadian with a Middle Eastern name, was interrogated.
    Really brought home how asinine Trump’s America is.

  2. I suspect it may be more because he teaches english as a second language that that he impresonated Trump. It gets more surreal every day here. I hang on a political blog with a small bunch of mates that met on the Graun. We’ve finally thrown up our hands and have entire threads on MAD magazine, and long speculations on what tattoo might be on Trump’s nutsack.

  3. I just wish we could finally get to the punchline of this truly sick cosmic joke and either dissolve in a nuclear cloud or get back to a semblance of rationality (a semblance being the best we usually achieve).

    • I wouldn’t count on it. The Democratic party is showing no evidence whatsoever of any ability to learn from their catastrophic losses over the past 4 elections.

  4. US Immigration appears to be arbitrary and entirely irrational.

    About 15 years ago, I had a contract IT guy working in my team and he told us the following story.

    A couple of years previously he had spent a year working in California. about three months into the contract, his girlfriend flew over there to spend a couple of weeks with him. He took the time off work and they decided to drive up the coast and visit Oregon and Washington. and while there went north into Canada. After a couple of days in Vancouver they drove back. At the border they were stopped. The border guard allowed him back into the USA but refused entry to his girlfriend. There was no explanation and no appeal allowed. She was stuck there and had to get a flight back to the UK. Even worse, when she tried to get a visa to visit him in California again, she was turned down, again without any explanation

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