RR Films: Coming of Age

The UK government is proposing that we be allowed to delete on-line evidence of adolescent shenanegans to save us future embarrassment. How sweet of them; it’s good to know they care…not enough to provide sufficient funds for education and mental health care, obviously, but enough to make it seem like they have some control over the tech companies we blithely give our personal secrets to.

But adolescent shenanegans are part of growing up, surely? Maybe you don’t need the video record of them plastered on the walls of time forever but they are part of the adult you become. Please feel free to recount your (embarrassing) youthful escapades but I’m more interested in films about such episodes, in the context of growing up and becoming an ‘adult’. I’m picking an Austrian film I raved about in 2011, Atmen (Breathing), about a troubled teen who finds a sense of purpose through a work-experience job at a morgue. You see him mature in front of your eyes.

What coming-of-age films would you recommend?