Earworms 14 August 2017

Earworms has a lot of things going on at the moment so apologies for the brevity of this post. We’re also running rather short of worms, so if you have one you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or link to earworm@tincanland.com. And if anyone would like to take over the worms or suggest some way of breathing life back into them, that would be much appreciated. Many thanks to all contributors.

Neeraj Arya/ Kabir Cafe- Fakiri – Ravi Raman: A group of youngsters who have been brought together by their love of the Sufi poet Kabir. They say they are on a mission to spread his message of brotherhood and peace. Fakiri means a self sufficient, or ascetic, person. Lyrics and translation: http://www.movedbylove.org/projects/tunes/74

Joe Satriani – Flying In A Blue Dream – Ravi Raman: From the first G3 concert which had the best of the lineups, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson. Rocking guitars!

The 1975 – She’s American – tincanman: Young man meets an American girl preoccupied with his teeth.

Coco Hames – I Don’t Wanna Go – tincanman: Blondie meets Ramones? I wish people still made songs like this – and that she’d made more than one of them on this year’s self-titled solo debut.

Image Copyright : Rossella Apostoli 123rf.com

7 thoughts on “Earworms 14 August 2017

  1. I for one will really miss Earworms. Introduced to some excellent music here. Thanks Ali.
    (And I don’t know how I got into Satriani’s dream!)

  2. Well that was a great little set of worms imho. So thanks to the two contributors.

    Neeraj Arya/ Kabir Cafe and Joe Satriani very different styles and, in neither case my usual stomping ground but both hugely enjoyable and invigorating for a Monday morning.

    I have hardly heard anything by the 1975. This is probably only the third or fourth song. They’re ok, I guess although I’m sure his voice doesn’t really sound like that.
    I’m afraid I am in danger of becoming the pub bore on the topic of autotune and other vocal treatments. I did like the music though.

    Really liked Coco Hames though. A singer, rather than the name of a band I gather but she made me think of the Ex Hex album which made a bit of a splash a few years ago. I’m not sure what happened to them but this track is in the same area think and it’s an area I like very much. There’s a British band called The Tuts who are doing something similar right now. Good stuff.

    Will be in touch re sending more worms and the future of the series.

  3. Hopefully worms will pick up once summer is over. But participation has been dwindling (although there’s apparently a way to see how many people read/listen but don’t comment, which might shed some light.) for some time and if their time has come, so be it.

  4. Neeraj Arya/ Kabir Cafe – Fakiri Yes, I liked this one a lot. Very nice song. Weirdly, it reminded me of bluegrass music.

    Joe Satriani – Flying In A Blue Dream I used to work with someone who was a huge fan of the G3 concept. I think that it started out well but sort of went downhill a bit. This first iteration was definitely the best one, I don’t mind G3 in small doses, but too much plank-spanking at once makes me turn my brain off. This was rather subdued and tasteful. Nice enough.

    The 1975 – She’s American – I’m not sure that I’ve ever listened to The 1975 before. It is a very 80s sound, isn’t it? It reminds me of big hair, bigger shoulderpads and the biggest production glossy videos. It was OK, but very derivative.

    Coco Hames – I Don’t Wanna Go Hmmm, not sure. I loved Blondie in the band’s heyday, but never saw them as a band that would be a big influence on others. This is fun, nice guitars and a good stripped back sound, but I have to ask the question “Why?”.

    I think that this was a decent selection of choons. I didn’t dislike any of them but none of them set my alight either. I think that I liked Neeraj Arya/ Kabir Cafe best, though.

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