My love affair with Joni Mitchell.

I hope there’s some Joni Mitchell fans hereabout; I’m going through my second infatuation of her, the first was about 40 odd years ago. I’m re-playing all my Joni videos. I Just played Shadows and Light, possibly one of the best concert videos ever, she’s backed with a great jazz group: it was recorded in 1979 at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I suspect that some must have seen it, if not it’s at youtube, Here it is.
Pat Metheny – lead guitar
Jaco Pastorius – fretless bass (Fender Jazz)
Don Alias – drums, percussion
Lyle Mays – electric piano (Rhodes), synthesizer (Oberheim FVS-1)
Michael Brecker – saxophones
The Persuasions
A fabulous band!

3 thoughts on “My love affair with Joni Mitchell.

  1. I’ve never seen any Joni videos, but I do own loads of her albums, including Shadows And Light and the earlier live set, Miles Of Aisles. I’ve loved her music since I first became aware of her when she released Ladies Of The Canyon and it was pretty much love at first hearing.

  2. I’m a fan too, and i’m looking forward to this very much. It’s a kind of rainy day here and Joni is perfect for that. Thanks.

  3. The video doesn’t play in this country. I used to have “Ladies of the Canyon” and latterly “Dog Eat Dog”, both of which were excellent.

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