Sounds on Sunday 43

A short list this week, due to poor time management on my part. But a special shout-out to the “headliners”, YesBodyElse, and their excellent album “Elsewhere” which you can listen to in its entirety on Soundcloud. Any cries of “Nepotism!” will be studiously ignored; Matthew Rose may be the son of our own treefrogdemon but the band and the album stand in their own right. Have a listen for yourself.

YesBodyElse – Smooth Sailing: YesBodyElse hail from San Antonio, USA, and include Matthew Rose, son of our very own tfd. Also featuring Dale JohnsonRachel Elizabeth LavenJoe Reyes and many more. You can listen to the excellent album “Elsewhere” on Soundcloud (follow the link in the playlist above), or read more here.

TyC – Get To Know Ya feat. Nerose: TyC first established himself as a member of the band Carousel. He spent 2016 shadow producing and honing his craft as a songwriter and producer; this single is from his debut EP featuring Jocelyn Rivera, Sonny Step, REN and more. You can read more here.

The Bara Bara Band – Plimsoll: London folk band, this is an update of an old broadside ballad about Samuel Plimsoll, who Bristolians like me will remember as the man who devised the Plimsoll Line on ships. This comes from their forthcoming album “The Seeds Inside (The Grapes Upon The Vine)” which is due out on September 15.

Satellite Mode – Bad Woman: “NYC-based Satellite Mode is the project of the classically trained duo of vocalist, Jess Carvo and producer and instrumentalist Alex Marko. Facing the threat of never being able to sing again, Carvo found her voice after an emergency vocal surgery and delved into writing as a creative outlet … This is from their debut EP “Wild Excuses”, released on August 11.”

The Pulltops – When I Was Young: “When I Was Young” is the straight-forward rock track on The Pulltops’ new EP, “By Accident or Design”. Lyrically the songs takes a look at past mistakes filled with regret, yet also clings to a glimmer of hope for a chance to move forward. All of this is accented by a mix of powerful guitars, alternating vocal leads, and a searing guitar solo over a power-house rhythm section that move the lyrics along.”

Moxi – Paclew:  “Los Angeles based indie pop outfit … Anna and Andy Toy … Drawing on elements from pop, classic cinema, and 80’s new wave, Moxi presents Anna’s distinct vocals against a backdrop of dark electronic textures, innovative guitar sonics and enigmatic, dream pop melodies. Moxi’s upcoming EP “Figures Bathed in Light” is produced by Emmy Award-winning songwriter Bobby Hartry and mixed by Bryan Cook (Radiohead, Beck). Title track “Figures Bathed in Light” was conceived after the couple escaped a near-fatal car crash.”

Adam Prince King – Before the Sun Goes Down: “London native and lyrical pop artist Adam Prince King, has announced the release of his new single ‘Before The Sun Goes Down’. The single is the follow-up to Adam Prince Kings’ debut hit single ‘Flamingos’, which went viral upon its release in 2016. The track, which was written and produced by the London based artist, is taken from Adam’s debut EP and will be released later this year.” More here.

CRW$HD (CREWSHADE) – Not Real: Chicago label TMB Limited has officially released a 4-track, limited-edition 7” by Brooklyn’s CRW$HD (CREWSHADE). CRW$HD is a punk and rap group led by LOLAWOLF producer Jimmy Giannopoulos and features Jenny Lee Lindberg of Warpaint. According to Giannopoulos, “Groups like Nihilistics, Heart Attack, and Beastie Boys played a role in my youth and I fuck with them as an adult. Being immersed in graffiti and skate culture as a child has shaped my aesthetic artistically and as a creator.”

Andrew Johnston – Redheads: Andrew Johnston is from Montreal. “Redheads” is from his soon to be released album, “The New Great Game” (which) “is the sound of an artist earnestly aiming for the bleachers and holding nothing back. If a certain aesthetic of coy restraint has become fashionable within indie rock circles, this album grabs the listener from minute one and seems to earnestly proclaim that there is no time to lose; we must love now, yearn now, strive now: our dreams will live or die in this moment.”

3 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 43

  1. For the first time I can say I’ve heard an SoS song before! Along with YesbodyElse I quite like The Bara Bara Band and, at top of my list, Pulltops. Will update after a few more listens during the week.

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