Earworms 21 August 2017

Well I hope you’re ready for this week’s worms, it’s all rather intense. Not sure if this is a good idea on a Monday morning, but if nothing else they will probably wake you up. If you have an earworm you would like to share, please send an .mp3 or link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a short paragraph about why you’ve chosen it, and I will do the rest. Many thanks to all contributors.

Dream Wife – FUU/Somebody – severin: Formed in early 2016 by three female Brighton art students as “a fake girl band” as part of an art project for an exhibition. Which doesn’t sound promising but – they are anything but fake in my estimation. The singer is Icelandic, the other two British. They seem to have acquired a male drummer and have made a few recordings and done a lot of gigging. Hope you enjoy. Warning – FUU is jolly rude.

Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite – We Can’t End This Way/ Blood Side Out – Ravi Raman: From their collaborative project “Get Up!” The latter especially showcases how well they work together.  (Next in line for me is the Superharps album of Musselwhite.)

The Doors – The End – tincanman: There’s no lukewarm about Jim Morrison; he was a god to some and a big old fake to others. I’m not wading into that sea 🙂 but it’s certainly hard to ignore the power and the glory of this piece.

Jon Gomm – The Weather Machine – AliM: The start of this reminds me of a band called “The Way We Live” (later known as “Tractor”), and early Al Stewart. This is all good. Jon Gomm uses a single acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, bass lines and melodies. He’s playing at The Parish in Huddersfield on Friday 15 September, if anyone wants to join me.

Image Copyright: robeo / 123RF Stock Photo

4 thoughts on “Earworms 21 August 2017

  1. FUU: noisy 5 am start to my day. They should just call themselves Spite Girls. Liked them and Jon Gomm, who I first came across here. Does he still play that beat up looking guitar?
    Doors – The End: even though I like long running songs and Doors strangely I’ve not been a fan of this particular song. This and Lizard. Another Morrison fan, a guy who I grew up with, calls me a tasteless barbarian. O-kay!
    * I just nommed the other Ben Harper song at Song Bar. Ali could you please add that in the folder? Thanks.

  2. I may well be the only person, I’m sure I will be the only person here, who heard Nico’s version of The End before hearing The Doors’ original. I still remember taking her album round to my mate’s house – he being a massive fan of The Doors. We played both recordings, Nico first, and I think it’s fair to say that he was more astonished than I was.
    We agreed they were both stunning but in utterly different ways. Ice and fire.

    Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite track was nice and gritty and no frills. Liked that. I liked the John Gomm song too. The guitar playing more than the vocal. NIce set altogether.

    Here is the other Dream Wife song I mentioned. Less “in yer face” confrontational but equally good I think.


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