ALL\MIX/DUP – Grok Enrol & The Nu-Thing

Featured previously on “Sounds on Sunday”, Grok Enrol & The Nu-Thing are a Sheffield/Leeds based band who mash-up various genres on their forthcoming debut album ALL\MIX/DUP, the CD version of which is due for release via their Bandcamp site next Friday. There are some tasters for you there, too, just follow the link. As they say: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something with explicit lyrics.”

The line-up is Grok Enrol (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Phill Geldoff (bass, theremin), who have been working together since 2016. Guest musicians on the album include Jarrod Gosling (Cobalt Chapel / Regal Worm / I Monster) on mellotron and percussion. The album will be released on Premonition Tapes in CD and digital download format. And there is a credit to The ‘Spill inside the album cover!

My favourite track is The Beam of Greatest Intensity which has a sort of industrial metal sound with Hawkwind-esque overtones. Other styles include dubtronica (Bulk Enrolment) and a “Country and Northern” song (The Hill With No Name), with lots of electronica thrown in for good measure.

The whole Grok Enrol thing started in 2010 when the compilation album “Now That’s What I Call A Bit Weird Vol.23” was recorded for Un! Recordings, which featured various Grok Enrol projects. Due to legal issues with the name of the album, it was pulled from digital distribution shortly after release. The new album, All\Mix/Dup is a partial re-working of that album and consolidates all of the Grok Enrol projects into one band. Work on a dub version of the album All\Mix/Dub is in progress and will follow later in the year.

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