RR Films: End Of The World

As climate change has nothing to to with the flooding of the USA’s fourth largest city – obviously – Gahd must be angry with Texas. Why? No reason required; it’s a mystery what that guy does. It can’t be retribution for spewing all that carbon into the atmosphere, so it’s probably just another test of faith for the Bible-thumpers – but it may be the beginning of the end. Keep an eye out for frogs.

Cinema loves spectacle and I’m sure, when it does happen in a few billion years, Earth’s demise will be truly cinematic, if you’re sitting in Row ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ in a distant corner of the Universe. In the meantime, tell me about your favourite films dealing with the End Of Times, either literally or metaphorically. I’ll go for the latter, Lars von Trier’s Melancholia. Whether or not you think it works as a concept, the final scenes are truly mind-blowing.

What films about the End Of The World would you recommend?

13 thoughts on “RR Films: End Of The World

  1. I am going to completely avoid all of those 1980s and early 90s end of the world disaster films, because they are all pretty crap.

    I was going to nom “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”, a film which I think I nominated before for another topic, but it occurs to me that an even better one is the 1959 film “On the Beach”, based on Nevil Shute’s novel of the same name, in which the last survivors of a nuclear war are in Australia, but the creeping tide of fallout is heading their way and by the end of the film, humanity is extinct.

  2. Soylent Green is people! Resonated with me because I was convinced the exploding population rate in India was going to be seen all over the world as well. Great yarn too.

  3. Not sure if this qualifies but it is implied that a nuclear holocaust is about to start at the end of the film so will go with “Doctor Strangelove”, which has that fantastic ending as Slim Pickens rides a nuclear missile towards the “Russkies” and the resulting mushroom cloud is accompanied by Vera Lynn singing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ ! It is, I think, Kubrick at his absolute best. There is also the Tarkovsky film “The Sacrifice” but I would never recommend that to anyone unless they were ecstatically happy !

  4. Loved Melancholia. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the theme. Mind you, I also loved Antichrist which a lot of people loathed.

    I’ll go for another film that was loved and loathed in equal measure. In Donny Darko the world ends. It’s only one of the possible worlds, mind you.

    I won’t say more on the off chance that anyone hasn’t seen it and is still likely to. I loved it.
    On the other hand, I saw The Box – by the same director – many years later and thought it was a pile of donkey doos.


    nb – there is a film that begins with the end of the world but it wasn’t as good as the radio series so I shan’t mention it.

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