Sounds on Sunday 45

Here’s some more Sunday sounds for you, a shorter list than usual as I ran out of time. My fave this week is Noah Gundersen, still time to catch him in London or Manchester if you’re quick.

Ray Monsky – Royalty: Ray Monsky is an upcoming Future Electronica musician from the UK. This is his new single, released on 30 August. “Following on from his Do Better debut – ‘I’m Too Confident’, Royalty is another vocal heavy, upbeat melodic slice of future bass. Featuring some nifty vocal edits, the track effortlessly swaps between catchy female vocal sample based choruses and Ray’s signature vocal laden verses.”

Elijah James and the Nightmares – That Girl: “Indie-rock eight piece from Liverpool … Drawing influences from Elliott Smith, Joy Division and Pixies, Elijah James writes spellbinding melodies around thoughtful lyrics, that are brought to life with his dynamic baritone voice and band of accomplished musicians who weave the intricate instrumentation around his captivating stories. (Their) debut EP, will be released Live From Elevator Studios, on Saturday September 9th.”

Typeface – Someone Else: “Here’s a big song from a small town. Typeface is a partly electronic indie rock band from the town of Jyväskylä in Finland. The guys have been playing together since they were kids, and because of that they’re known as one of the greatest live acts you’ll find in Finland. That didn’t fully translate into recordings, though, before they were approached by the producer Jaani Peuhu, who is also known as Iconcrash … Someone Else is the first single out of a bunch of great songs they recorded together in an old wooden house outside of the city of Jyväskylä, in the middle of nowhere.”

Jaws of Love – Hawaiian License Plates: Local Natives’ songwriter, vocalist and pianist Kelcey Ayer side project as Jaws of Love … Having recently announced his upcoming debut album, ‘Tasha Sits Close to the Piano’, set for release via K-Rizzla/House Arrest as DL on 22nd September, with the UK CD and gatefold coloured vinyl release following up on 3rd November.”

Noah Gundersen – The Sound: “The Seattle-based musician is known for his deep and melodic explorations of relationships and religion, and is now back with a heavier and more powerful new sound, drawing comparisons with Jeff Buckley and The War On Drugs. The single is taken from Noah’s upcoming album ‘White Noise’ out 22nd September.” There are two upcoming UK gigs: 11.09.17. London Borderline, and 12.09.17. Manchester Night & Day.

Opāru – The Deep End: “Opāru is the stunning musical endeavour of Los Angeles based songwriter, singer and actress Dianna St. Hilaire … Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, St. Hilaire started to write and perform music at a very young age in choir and musicals. Self taught, her first instrument was the piano and she worked tirelessly at the craft of reading and writing music.” This is her new single.

2 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 45

  1. Yes I liked Noah Gundersen too though this link took me to a Vevo page that is blocked here. The YouTube page is accessible. Ray Monsky was okay.

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