Earworms 11 September 2017

More eclecticism for you on a Monday morning, hope it gets your day off to a good start. If you have an earworm you would like to share, please send an .mp3 or link to: earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors.

Susanne Sundfør – Undercover – severin: It’s supposed to be “earworms” so here I am, sending in what I hope will be the most “earwormy” track from Susanne Sundfor’s new album. The one that was released as a taster/single before the whole package. The album’s a bit of a change from her last two releases. Less electronic and, according to some, less instantly accessible. Although I have been playing it incessantly for the past three days since it arrived. Frankly, every track is an earworm for me right now. Even “Sounds of War”; the 7’ 49” track I first thought of sending.

Bruno Merz – Whisper Turn – AliM: Originally from New Zealand, Bruno currently lives in the UK. His popularity grew worldwide following the success of his 2014 debut album “Highways”, and single, “Emmeline”. In 2015, he also wrote a classical score for the Northern Ballet’s children’s production “Tortoise and the Hare”. This is the first rather lovely single from the album ‘Whisper Turn‘, which is due for release in early 2018.

Janiva Magness – Long As I Can See The Light – glassarfemptee: Janiva Magness is a leading light in the Americana scene, and here she belts out a song she wrote and released last year, which has a classic chooglin’ feel to it.

Ich & Ich – Vom selben Stern – abahachi: One of the odder aspects of listening to German radio a lot – for the traffic reports, for example – is discovering what they consider to be “classics from the 80s to today”; not just the eclectic mixture of, say, REM, Blondie, Visage, Girls Aloud and U2, but also the home-grown acts. This, from 2007, seemed to be on heavy rotation this summer.

Karrin Allyson – Everybody’s Boppin’ – Ravi Raman: – an impulse buy after hearing it in a playlist. Didn’t know anything about her or the backing band which impressed me the most. The album is “Footprints”.

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16 thoughts on “Earworms 11 September 2017

  1. It seems to happen quite often that one of the earworms reminds me of somebody else but I can’t initially think who. In this case it’s Bruno Merz whose voice (I finally decided) sounds like….
    Colin Blunstone? I think that’s it. Him or Clifford T ward. Liked the song a lot anyways.
    Janiva Magness was a bit of a contrast. Once I got used to the change of pace and style. Great voice. We’re doing well for singers this week.
    Ooh and, likewise, er. I can’t say I remember Ich & ich from this 2007 hit. Quite liked it but not going overboard.
    And the fourth new name for me. I don’t know Karrin Allyson. I do like a bit of scat singing of a Monday morning although I agree that it’s the band who make the track work. If that’s what Ravi meant.

  2. Isn’t Janiva Magness singing the CCR song? But as sev says lovely week for singers. Tough to pick a favourite among them and as I have recently learnt “songs have feelings and I don’t want to hurt them”.

    Sorry for the delay in getting here but one of my uncles passed away, so generally tied up the entire day. He was 95 and my last link to pre Independence India. Throughout the day (well intentioned) people kept harping on how it was a tragedy that he just missed 100! He was sharp as ever till his last 48 hours and the fact that he had lived a rich life didn’t seem to matter to them. People are indeed strange.

    *Ali: I seem to have missed copying last week’s worms. Could I trouble you to load them in some folder? Thanks.

  3. Nice set, as ever. Loved the Bruno Mertz, and Fields of gold came into my mind too. And I like the harmonica break on Ich & Ich. But standout for me was the Susanne Sundfor. I made the mistake of listening more than once, and it’s now wormed its way into my aural passageways. The second half wall of sound is reminiscent of 80s Kate Bush.

    Mea culpa, Ravi. That was indeed a CCR song – which is probably why ‘classic’ and ‘chooglin’ came to my mind. I got the impression from the blurb for her album that she was the writer. Major fail in the fact checking department.

  4. Bit late with the ‘worms this week, and I’ve not posted on this column for a couple of weeks.


    Susanne Sundfør – Undercover I’ve not really listened to Ms Sundfør before, but I was impressed with her singing in the Scott Walker Prom. I really like this, too.

    Bruno Merz – Whisper Turn Not sure that his voice reminds me of anyone, certainly not Nick Drake, but I rather enjoyed the song.

    Janiva Magness – Long As I Can See The Light Yes, this is a Creedence Clearwater Revival song. She’s certainly got a big voice, hasn’t she? This is a terrific track, a big gutsy production with a nice bluesy gospel feel to it.

    Ich & Ich – Vom selben Stern Ich & Ich made me wonder if we were going to get some German reggae, but happily I was wrong. I suppose it is because a) it is in German and b) it has a very old-fashioned production sound but it sounds to me like it should have been a Eurovision entry at some point in the past.Not for me, I’m afraid.

    Karrin Allyson – Everybody’s Boppin’ This made me think immediately of Manhattan Transfer, but it soon improved. Very bebop, lots of scat singing. Nice, to quote John Thompson. I looked her up, she’s apparently had five of her albums nominated for a Grammy. Good fun.

    Undoubtedly, the one I enjoyed the most was Janiva Magness with her in-your-face bluesiness.

    Sorry to hear about your uncle, Ravi, but as he’d had such a long and rich life, then I’d say that his life should be celebrated and his memory revered. My commiserations to you.

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