Sounds on Sunday 46

More new sounds to investigate this Sunday, I hope you find something to enjoy and feel free to comment, below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Floral Couches – Ketamine Dreaming: “Chicago-based Floral Couches, the project of Cody Gray, released his new album “Electric Fever” a few weeks ago. One of its highlights, “Ketamine Dreaming” is a nice display of Floral Couches’ late-night atmospheric development and knack for emerging, twinkling hooks — present here just past the one-minute mark, with twangy guitars entering the fold shortly thereafter.”

Instantempire – Shapeshifting: “Instant Empire is a rock group from Denver that formed nearly eight years ago. Since then, they have released three EPs and a couple of LPs, the most recent of which – Last of the Lovers – was released on August 8th. The five-piece crafted the album with a concept centering around “the relentless march of time … consumed with finding grace and beauty in life’s tiny moments.””

Polartropica – Olympia: “New single … from whimsical space pop/bubble gum psych artist Polartropica. The track entitled ‘Olympia’ utilizes J-Pop characteristics, with shimmering dreamlike vocals, creating an electro-pop anthem. Thematically influenced by the movements for rights and equality during the presidential elections, as well as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics trailer, it’s a rallying cry with an energizing and upbeat message.”

The High Crook – Baby Do You Know: “The High Crook is a blues/rock band from Kolkata … the capital of India’s West Bengal state. They formed in late 2013, channeling a love for blues, pop, and rock ‘n’ roll… Anirban Roy plays a groovy bass line complementing Aditya Dutta’s powerful drum rolls. Arjun Mukherjee does a phenomenal job on the guitar and vocals, proving the calibre of the band which bagged the winners’ title in MICANVAS Coke Studio and IIT Kharagpur, Springfest.”

Maitri – Seasons/Hide It: From Brooklyn, NY, “Maitri is a new sound that reflects modern day struggle and offers hope for a better reality… The newest single, “Seasons/Hide It,” speaks to the core of what Maitri is about, being outwardly true to yourself while navigating this world and its inevitable change. Side A is an old soul song flipped over an electronic beat, while the flip side may be best described as “Freak Funk,” with some haunting guitar sounds by special guest Andrew Bailie (Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles).”

Kev Minney – Like I Always: “Independent singer/songwriter Kev Minney began his musical career at the age of 30. Battling with a stutter, Kev had to overcome severe stage fright to get performing. Fuelled with drive he spent the first two years practicing 6 hours a day before going to work as a guitar teacher in the evenings. Now in 2017 Kev is announcing his … debut album, ‘Stories of the Sky’.” You can watch the video for “Like I Always”, here.

Lorkin O’Reilly – After the Thaw: Originally from Scotland, and taking inspiration from John Martyn and Nick Drake, this is the rather splendid title track from his debut EP. You can read more here.

Baula – Nova: “Baula is an Icelandic/Swedish alternative-pop duo based in Gothenburg, Sweden and composed of Ísak Ásgeirsson and Karolina Thunberg. Formed in 2015 before Iceland Airwaves the band proceeded to play 11 off-venue gigs during the festival week. “Nova” was recorded with Swedish producer Henryk Lipp (Anna Von Hausswolff, Graveyard, Millencolin) at studio Music A Matic.” This is their third single.

Lorde – Perfect Places (The White Panda remix): From Chicago, the popular duo known as The White Panda have created this new remix, which is, apparently, “BOP”. Those of you who are down with the kids will know what this means – I had to look it up.

The Brothers Moore – Careless: “The Brothers Moore are brothers Bobby and Billy Moore from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The brothers just released their debut EP, “Careless”, last month. In 2013, the brothers moved to California to record their first album with a previous band, but due to a family tragedy during the middle of the recording process … they chose to move back home. In 2016, (they) cultivated a new sound and acquired partnered musicians Troy Smith (guitar) and Jake White (drums) to form The Brothers Moore.”

Delafaye – Tripping and Rolling: “Described as creating ‘soft sounds that cross the threshold that divides your dream-life from your waking world’, Delafaye returns with a 4 track EP of live acoustic versions of songs from his previous EPs, recorded at the Air Devil’s Inn in Louisville, Kentucky. The EP ‘Air Devil Sessions’ will also include a brand new song ‘Not The Same’ written and recorded exclusively for the session, set to be released on September 15th through London based record label Street Mission Records (distributed through [PIAS]).” I really like this.

David Morris – Settle Down: David Morris is a singer-songwriter from Charleston, WV, currently based in Nashville. He has just released his first single, “Settle Down (Trying to Survive In the U.S.A.)”, which he wrote/ produced/ recorded himself. He will release an EP later this year to coincide with a winter tour.

ONR – Jericho: “New Scottish artist signed to Capitol who’s recently released his debut track ‘Jericho’. It’s a synth pop belter produced by Mark Crew (Bastille, Rag N Bone Man). Currently on tour with Mondo Cozmo and getting some huge support from Spotify.”

8 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 46

      • Did we have The High Crook earlier on SoS Ali? Lot of tongue in cheek stuff from them. They say their name is also a nod to THC.
        I will have a listen later tonight. Thanks.

        • yes I thought we did, and then I couldn’t find it. I used to keep a record of everything but I kind of gave that up … I don’t suppose they’ll mind if they’ve been featured twice!!

    • Sev: Bop is an abreviation of Bebop which originated in the early 1940’s as Rebop in NY. It was the name given to a breakaway style of jazz that was led by Charlie Parker, Dizzie Gilespie and Bud Powell to name just a few of those involved. It dramatically changed the sound of jazz for years to come. Here’s how Wiki defined it:

      “It features songs characterized by a fast tempo, complex chord progressions with rapid chord changes and numerous changes of key, instrumental virtuosity, and improvisation based on a combination of harmonic structure, the use of scales and occasional references to the melody.”
      It took me at least a year to acknowledge it and to recognize Charlie Parker’s genius.
      It has nothing whatsoever in common with Ms Lorde.

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