I recall that at some point within the last couple of years I posted “The Sidewinder” by Lee Morgan, it was a huge jazz hit in the US in 1963, you all responded nicely, it got a good reception. Lee Morgan was a NY jazz trumpeter who was very highly thought of, he was like the new Charlie Parker of the modern jazz movement. I just checked my postings and it doesn’t show so perhaps I posted it in Earworms or somesuch, no matter. The reason I mention this is because last night I saw a wonderful film titled “I called him Morgan”, it was on Netflix. It cleared up something that has bothered me most of my life, why did his wife who loved him dearly shoot and kill him with a revolver in a NY jazz club? A large part of the film comprises an interview with his wife. A beautiful film that everyone should see, there an excellent review at the LA Times. Sadly youtube doesn’t seem to have it though they do have pages of his music video. Look for it if you don’t have Netflix.


2 thoughts on “LEE MORGAN FILM

  1. Isn’t it great GF – I knew how he died, but like you, not the circumstances. Also, it fill in a lot of the gaps around the late ’60’s & the soundtrack is brilliant.

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