Earworms 18 September 2017

Good morning! More juicy worms for you, and quite a varied selection. Please note that Mogwai start off very quietly, so as to bring you gently into Monday. If you have an earworm you would like to share, please send it to: earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors.

Mogwai – Another Country’s Sun – abahachi: I imagine that most people reading this will long since have made up their minds about Mogwai, and will either have been listening avidly to the new album since it was released last week, or will be completely indifferent to this. But I don’t care… 

Rostam – Don’t Let It Get To You – Magicman: Even with only a half of the album released at the time of writing Rostam’s ‘Half-Light’ will clearly be my Album Of The Year.  Shades of Vampire Weekend, of course, which actually is a relief because I love their records very much, but much much else besides – no two songs sound alike, from the George Harrison drenched ‘Wood’ (Rostam is Iranian-American) to the strange choric 21st century pop of EOS.  Bloody marvellous!

Mighty Baby – Egyptian Tomb – CaroleBristol: Mighty Baby were a band that existed from 1968-71. The band’s most noteworthy member was the late Martin Stone who went on to play in Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers, The Pink Fairies, 101ers and many other bands. This track is from their eponymous 1969 debut album and is called Egyptian Tomb. I like the jazzy feel and the rather good guitar work, courtesy of Martin Stone and Alan ‘Bam’ King, who went on to be a founding member of Ace, of How Long fame.

UFO – The Coming of Prince Kajuku – AliM: Sarah’s Wheel of Your Tune last week reminded me of UFO’s excellent second album, “Flying (Space Rock)” (1971), which I only had on cassette. Now remedied by downloading a re-mastered version for a princely £2.99. “Flying” is on side 2 and is over 26 minutes long, so I’ve chosen a shorter instrumental track for you.

George Thorogood – Pictures From Life’s Other Side – Ravi Raman: From his recently released Party Of One. My favourite acquisition so far this year. Flubs and all I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

The Albion Band – Poor Old Horse – severin: From 1978 – unless my memory is playing up I think John Peel described this as a land shanty. There are certainly no nautical references despite the shanty-like format. Very odd lyric, in fact. Did he say “the cheeks of her arse”? I think he did. Anyway, If you like English folk rock this is a treat. If not it probably isn’t. I think it is.

Image Copyright: <a href=’https://www.123rf.com/profile_basel101658′>basel101658 / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

10 thoughts on “Earworms 18 September 2017

  1. What a lovely set! There isn’t one that I am indifferent to. Great new names too. Rostam and Mogwai will fit in well with some other music I found this year courtesy Ali, Year Of No Light, Nova Collective …

  2. Well I’ve listened to all of those twice and thoroughly enjoyed the lot both times.
    I don’t know if I’m an exception btw but I have been dimly aware of Mogwai for some time. Occasionally hearing a track by them and thinking how good it is. Then going about my business.
    A friend of mine used to be in a band which occasionally supported them so I’ve no excuse really.
    Anyway, I just had a quick look at a site that claims to list their albums in order of merit and it reckons that Young Team is the best. I think a Spotify binge may be the answer.

  3. Mogwai – Another Country’s Sun This is classic Mogwai. Terrific.

    Rostam – Don’t Let It Get To You I am not a fan of Vampire Weekend, so this worried me until I heard it. I think it is OK, but not hugely exciting. I liked it more when the drummer stopped playing towards the end.

    UFO – The Coming of Prince Kajuku I saw UFO, in 1972, I think. They used to jam for ages live. This is from before Michael Schenker joined, isn’t it, when Larry Wallis was the guitarist? Good fun, the sort of thing that brings back a lot of teenage memories. It reminded me of The Who live, circa “Live At Leeds” and “Who’s Next”.

    George Thorogood – Pictures From Life’s Other Side This was a lot more country than what I was expecting. Very nice, though. I like the Dobro slide playing.

    The Albion Band – Poor Old Horse I only really know the Albion Band from “Morris On” and from John Peel sessions, when they were called The Albion Dance Band. English electric folk is a fine thing. Nice guitar work at the end? Richard Thompson, by any chance?

    What did I like best, though? It is a tough call, but the guitar at the end of The Albion Band wins it for me.

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