Sounds on Sunday 48


More new sounds for you – short but sweet this week; my favourites are The Hails and Evening Glow. I hope you find something to enjoy, and please feel free to comment, below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Skytone – Second Hand Shops: “Skytone are the Ottawa, Ontario-based duo of Rodney and Darius Doddridge. The brothers have a keen ear for melodies that pack more sunshine and warmth per decibel than you would have thought possible. The bright jangle-pop tune Second Hand Shops showcases crisp vocals and tightly constructed hooks, with a bit of a beachside vibe. The track is off their new album JangleWaves, available via Bandcamp.”

GGOOLLDD – Excelsior Springs: “The Milwaukee-based band … have already made an impression on many, garnering a feature as a Nylon “Band Crush” and praise from AV Club for creating “synthpop that stands out thanks to impeccable production and catchy, danceable hooks.” From their forth-coming third EP, Teeth.

Roman Scott – Stuck in Paradise: “Multi talented music maker/creative Roman Scott returns with his new single Stuck In Paradise. This 3 minute slice of lounge pop-funk has elements of soul and jazz all tied in with a razor sharp chill production. The young Brighton based artist is fast becoming known for his powerful vocals and eclectic take on electro pop, a sound which Stuck In Paradise showcases perfectly. Penned and produced by Roman, the track sees a more mature approach to music making from his previous work and is the single to be taken off a new EP, chalked for release in September.”

Evening Glow – Love Tonight: “Chicago-based four-piece Evening Glow have a new track, Love Tonight, representative of their fondness for late ’70s/early ’80s post-punk and dance … Evening Glow combine elements of lo-fi, dance-rock, and indie dream-pop for an appealing, hook-y sound with a shimmering yet nocturnal soundscape … Comprised of Aidan Cada, Vincent Tieri, River Snyder, and Aaron Cada, Evening Glow will be releasing a 4-song EP, Perfect Harmony, later this fall.”

The Hails – Come Alive: “The Hails, a five-piece rock band from Gainesville, Florida, have been together for less than two years. In this short time, they’ve been building a fan base around the state of Florida, with concentrations in Gainesville and Miami. Their first EP, Impel, was released July 20, 2017. “Impel is a collection of five songs that we felt really good about from multiple standpoints,” lead singer Robbie Kingsley says. “There’s a cohesiveness to the project, but every song is different from the next. We’re proud of it and we want to hear what the world thinks.””

Anand L – 8.3 ft. LUVKUSH: “The average human attention span was 12 seconds in 2000, and it has since dropped to 8.25 seconds as of 2015. In honor of getting just a bit more attention from that special person, here is 8.3 featuring LUVKUSH. First track off of (the) upcoming E.P. Keep it Simple.”

The White Panda – Ember Island – Umbrella – White Panda remix: “Swedish trio Ember Island did a breathtaking cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella and asked (White Panda) to make a version that was dance-floor ready. (They) did (their) best, putting together an energetic, feel-good tune and were really happy with how it came out.”

Nick Anderson and the Skinny Lovers – 24: “Based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Nick Anderson has a voice that takes you into the deepest parts of yourself … As a mental health advocate, and an honest writer, Nick Anderson plays reflective music … His newest release, EPHREM I & II, is a six-track release that puts Anderson’s lyrical and songwriting talents on display, backed by his band The Skinny Lovers.”

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