RR Films: War

When the main headline is about declaring it, maybe we should get it out of the way now.

It causes death and suffering for all sides, so… War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Apart from some great (and many dire) films. I’ll go for Apocalypse Now. It may be set on the fringes of war but it smells of death (and napalm). The horror! The horror!

What war films would you recommend?

23 thoughts on “RR Films: War

    • I’ve just read a biography of Daphne Du Maurier, who was married to ‘Boy’ Browning, portayed by Dirk Bogarde in the film. Daphne was seriously unimpressed by the film – for one thing, the fact that the expression ‘a bridge too far’ was an actual quote from Browning was apparently not mentioned!

      • Browning also said that he thought that Arnhem was a bridge too far before Operation Market Garden, not after it. He was clearly correct.

  1. There has always been one war film that stands head and shoulders above all others for me ( that’s if you don’t count “La Grande Illusion” by Renoir, which is debatable) and that is Kubrick’s brilliant 1957 film “Paths of Glory” which has Kirk (centernarian) Douglas giving his best performance as a French colonel who has to defend 3 of his men who are arbitrarily picked for execution due to their failure to take an “anthill”. If you were ever in any doubt about the brutality of war then this film will convince you. It also has one of the greatest and most emotional final scenes in film history.

    As also rans I would also mention “King and Country” by Joseph Losey, with Dirk Bogarde and Tom Courtenay and also the first half of “Full Metal Jacket” with the unforgettable R Lee Emery as the sergeant major !

  2. Late again, and this is more a memory than a firm recommendation.

    Many years since I saw (on tv) the 1960 film Two Women.
    Starred Sophia Loren as an Italian widow fleeing Rome with her daughter during WW2.
    I remember being very affected by it when I was about ten or eleven but haven’t seen it since.

  3. Arrogance and ignorance regarding local culture and social niceties leading to conflict with the natives. Natives who are supposedly friendly but speak foreign, live in unfamiliar swampy terrain and treat the US army like an invading force – even though the army’s there to help. Add in lots of indiscipline and stupidity and it seems we have the makings of a classic guerrilla war scenario.

    Southern Comfort, anyone? I’ll have a shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TmHIb_U8qw

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