Earworms 2 October 2017

Some brilliant music for you this October morning. If you have an earworm that you would like to share, please send an .mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors. (NB: I forgot to box the worms last week, so I’ve added them to this week’s).

Mr. Jukes – Leap Of Faith ft. De La Soul, Horace Andy – CaroleBristol: This track has been one of my favourite things for a while now. It is by Mr Jukes, about whom I know nothing and features De La Soul and Horace Andy. I think that it is the mad drumming, plus the dub-style effects on Horace Andy’s singing that have really made it burrow into my brain.

Ali Hamza, Ali Sethi, Waqar Ehsin – Tinak Dhin – Ravi Raman: out of Pakistan. A song about the rhythms of life. The title being an equivalent of Boom, Boom I suppose.

Aldous Harding – Swell Does The Skull (w Perfume Genius) – tincanman: There’s something about the young New Zealander’s tone of voice that seems to dare you not to listen to every line right through ’til the very end. I don’t know what happens if you don’t, but why find out?

P!NK – What About Us – AliM: It’s virtually impossible to follow Aldous Harding, but here is a song with another strong female vocal, which I hear everywhere at the moment, and which is a true earworm.

Image Copyright: tomas1111 / 123RF Stock Photo

3 thoughts on “Earworms 2 October 2017

  1. Great set. Equally impressive is all are recent releases. I wouldn’t have listened to any of them in the normal run of picking music. I read the Guardian review on the Aldous Harding album and was only mildly curious. Pink too is a name I’m familiar with but not the music. Like them all with Mr Jukes leading for now.

  2. I am busily procrastinating today, trying to find ways of not doing the things that need to be done, so I’ve made an early effort on this week’s ‘worms instead.

    Ali Hamza, Ali Sethi, Waqar Ehsin – Tinak Dhin This is a jolly, bouncing along track, isn’t it? The guitar work reminds me of West African Highlife music in places and I get weird flashes of Yes in some of the ensemble singing. I enjoyed this one a lot. It is the percussion that really makes this work, I think.

    Aldous Harding – Swell Does The Skull (w Perfume Genius) She has a lovely voice. Not sure if the track was just making my PC speakers play up, but there was a horrible intrusive noise coming from one side which really spoilt the song for me.

    P!NK – What About Us I have to say that I’ve never really been a fan, but this was OK in a big mainstream chart sort of way. Can’t say that I’ve ever heard it before.

    So, this week, Ali Hamza and his mates get my vote.

    Now what else can I do to avoid having to Vax the upstairs carpets?

  3. Loved the Mr Jukes track. The drumming is mad, Horace Andy’s voice is a soothing balm and De La Soul are De La Soul. Can’t beat it.
    Ali Hamza etc does sound like a song about the rhythm of life even if I don’t peak the language. Loved that too. This is looking good.
    Aldous Harding – A beautiful voice. Quite stunning in fact. I wonder if a whole album would be too intense for one sitting. Very individual indeed..
    Pink, I have no strong opinions about in general but this song was thoroughly enjoyable. A nice upbeat finale in fact. Maybe I should investigate a greatest-hits style compilation or a Spotify playlist. I’d probably find I know/like more of her songs than I realise.
    Mr Jukes was favourite I think.

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