RR Films: Guns

As we know, guns don’t kill people, people do.

However, after recent events in Las Vegas, it seems fair to say that guns make it a whole lot easier to kill (and maim) a whole lot of people very quickly. And you can do it from the comfort of your own hotel room… [Sorry if this seems too soon/too harsh but the NRA should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for propagating such a dangerous and cynical line.]

If only the USA could pay more attention to delivering the basic right to life enshrined in its Constitution and a little less on the right to bear things that remove that right so easily. But, unless and until that happens, films – particularly American ones – will continue to feature and even celebrate the power of the gun (Clint Eastwood’s apparent raison d’être). Feel free to pick one of those but I’m going for Gus van Sant’s Elephant, his approximation of the Columbine massacre. Disaffected, alienated youths really shouldn’t have easy access to lethal weapons; neither should a man my age, like Stephen Paddock.

What films about guns and their users would you recommend?

12 thoughts on “RR Films: Guns

  1. If you want to be pedantic it’s actually the bullets that kill people and as Chris Rock says if you made each bullet in the US cost $3000 dollars the number of murders would fall to practically nothing overnight.
    As for films about guns I would go for “Taxi Driver” where after a while Bickle gets obsessed not just with his “avenging angel” stuff but also with the way to carry out his plan ie with guns !! But really you could probably take 99% of current Hollywood movie output and it would have someone being shot in it !!

  2. I hate guns, i hate them, i’ve never touched one and i never want to. We certainly are long overdue for new laws. And we need for starters some serious restrictions on gun shows. But. Say we do that, the problem is still, what do we do about the ones already out there? And if we figure that, how are you going to stop me from printing my own at my friendly neighborhood maker space? And what do you do when you had an utterly incompetent AG (I’m looking at you, Eric Holder) running fuckups like Fast and Furious?


    I can’t think of a film about guns, per se. Some favorite scenes – In The Line of Fire, where Clint pulls a gun on John Malkovich while hanging on John’s hand off of a buliding, and Malkovich wraps his lips around it. LA Confidential, where James Cromwell unexpectedly pulls a gun and shoots Kevin Spacey.

    Two where guns are a bit more involved – La Femme Nikita, where she’s an assassin. But I’ll go for Saving Private Ryan, where the sniper sees God guiding his hands. Which fail him in the end.

    • If you’re hell bent on killing a lot of people, you’ll find a way with or without a gun. There’s always the handy backpack bomb, or a 4×4, which i reckon won’t be outlawed in our lifetime. Watch the fun begin when those 4x4s are driverless, which will be happening in our lifetime.

  3. I remember being rather stunned by Elephant. Horribly fascinating and left the viewer to make their own judgement.
    I never saw the film of Kevin but the book made me very uneasy. Unlike almost everybody else, I got the impression that Lionel Shriver rather enjoyed the vicarious sadism of describing Kevin’s worst acts. She seemed (to me) to want to limit our sympathy for his victims. Like I say nobody appears to agree with me on this.


    City of God – which I’m sure has been mentioned in a few other topics – was equally uncomfortable viewing. The scene where a boy is made to shoot a younger boy was almost unbearable. And the way the violence escalated seemed beyond belief but I gather it isn’t exaggerated at all.

  4. The only thing I can think of is the 1967 film “Bonnie and Clyde”, with Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. I must have seen it in the ’70s, so I was relatively young, and I remember being shocked by the casual violence of Bonnie and Clyde, yet finding them likeable as characters, and then being even more shocked by the violent shoot-out at the end. I don’t suppose I’d ever seen anything like it at the time. (*WHY does WordPress keep logging me out! Grrr!*)

  5. In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under the revolutionary “Battle Royale” act… this maybe being debated by toffs at the Tory party conference as I type.

  6. Will put in a vote for Free Fire from earlier in the year.

    Lots of guns, bad clothes and pretty funny all round. All filmed in a warehouse just outside Brighton!

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