Sounds on Sunday 50

More sounds to brighten your Sunday; I hope you find something to enjoy. Many thanks to all contributors. Comments welcome!

Valipala – Mongolian Afternoon: New single from NYC-based five-piece Valipala. “In May or thereabouts, the five-piece got together to record their forthcoming 6-track release Mango City … “This record has been a true labor of love. It’s the culmination of 4 years of not just work but life – breakups and breakdowns, packed bags and packed venues, lost sleep and lost shoes,” Aviv says. “All of that resulted into some epic funk. Over the last few months, we’ve put everything we had into Mango City.””

Chief Perch – Jupiter: Jupiter is a funky, electronic preview of their forthcoming debut album, Shoulda Coulda Woulda. An Austin band endorsing the future of music, Chief Perch is constantly pushing limits. Their robust horn section, intoxicating male and female vocalists, tight rhythm section, and unique blend of classic funk rhythms and modern electronic sounds present a never-before-heard genre of music … Jupiter is a funky, multi-dimensional track complimented by lead singer, Ariel Herrera’s sweet soulful vocals.”

Joe Hicks – Rush: Raised in the rural market town of Newbury, Berkshire, English Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter Joe Hicks blends blues, funk, folk and pop influences, towing the line between intricate guitar composition, and classic pop song-craft … Released in September new single Rush sees Joe draw on his funk and soul influences. The track features a Police inspired drum groove and tight-knit vocal harmony, intertwined with Joe’s favoured stratocaster work.”

Jolé – Seldom Seen (and) Clutter: “Both tracks were released together (in September) … His total Spotify plays (before this release) are currently around 210,000 and Soundcloud is nearly at 30,000. Josh (real name) has a solo show on Weds 11th October @ Paper Dress Vintage, Hackney too.”

Nathan Ball – Drifting: On 6 October, London based artist Nathan Ball released his new single Drifting. “A momentary departure from his fully formed band sound, Drifting (premiered by EARMILK) takes things back to relative basics. “I can see it in your eyes, I can see that you’re not right” Nathan sings alongside a simple yet, affecting guitar line. Stirring, atmospherics accompany the songwriting – creating a hugely moving overall experience.”

Grapell – Heartbreaker: Swedish duo, premiered via Consequence of Sound, debut album out on 3 November.

High Tropics – Better Days: “”… think a mash of The Growlers psych groove and the aching-rock of The Vines.” – Scenestr. Fronted by Josh Stewart (formerly of The Ninjas), Better Days is the follow-up to their first ever single, 15 Years (released in May).”

Spiller – Grapes of Wrath: Released at the end of September along with their Reuben and Coldcut EP. “Eugene, Oregon-based quartet Spiller embrace their Pacific Northwest roots and DIY mentality. Their diverse taste provides listeners with a melting pot of rock, math, jamming and jazz. With a passion for live performance, Spiller encapsulates the spontaneous nature of improvisation while combining it with an indie-rock flare. With their latest double EP, Reuben and Coldcut, Spiller has taken their sound to the next level, both lyrically and musically.”

Caity Krone – Record About You: A welcome return from Caity Krone, this is her debut single, just released on Soundcloud. Caity says: “The song, Record About You, draws inspiration from my favorite artists such as Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell. The song was recorded at The Village studios in Los Angeles.”

Sneakers – Come Around Sundown: “Sneakers is a soul-filled collaborative community of musicians and artists from the streets of Auckland, New Zealand. The community is lead by Nick Raven and Chris Dent, who have been writing and recording in living rooms, basements and bedrooms since 2014. As the crew expanded the music took on new shapes. Sean Patterson, Matt Bizzle, Hannah Rolfe, and Dean Rodrigues make up a rich palette of sonic and visual wonder to draw from. Chris and Nick work closely together, with Nick taking a producer’s approach and Chris using a hands-on singer/songwriter approach.” This is their debut single, just released.

Thia Sexton – Awoken: “Cellist and singer/songwriter Thia Sexton has a fascinating new project, releasing an audio soundtrack accompanying her book of mostly true stories, entitled Everybody But You. Arriving in LA via San Francisco and in need of some fast cash, classical cellist Thia Sexton found herself at the Venice Boardwalk playing her cello under an umbrella. She was promptly asked to join five rock bands… she joined all of them. (She) has read her stories to sold-out crowds at COMEDY CENTRAL Stage and performed music in national and international award-winning plays. She is the recipient of a Great American Song award for her song “AWOKEN”—and yes, she plays her cello like a guitar on it. Thia’s songs have also been featured on the groundbreaking radio show KCRW.”

The Dig – People Take Pictures of Each Other: The Dig’s new video for their cover of ‘People Take Pictures of Each Other’ by The Kinks, directed by James Kerr (aka Scorpion Dagger). “The Dig’s re-imagination of the track manages to effortlessly mix a new experimental vibe with some of the sounds from their latest album, Bloodshot Tokyo. Paired with the video, a fun take on selfie culture in the modern age, the song feels more relevant than ever even almost 50 years after its creation.”

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