Earworms 9 October 2017

Verging on folky this week, and nothing wrong with that. If you have an earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. And if anyone has any Halloween worms, please send them in before Sunday 29 October. Many thanks to all contributors.

Flo Rida – Who’s With Me – AliM: Flo Rida is known mainly for hip-hop, R&B and rap; this isn’t particularly any of those things as far as I can tell. Or perhaps it’s all of them. Anyway, my son played it to me, and I have been humming it ever since.

Alasdair Roberts – False Lover John – severin: I sent in another track from this compilation a few years ago. “Revenge of the Folk Singers”, it’s called. Concerto Caledonia and five singers taking three or four songs each. This little number isn’t a track I have played very often but I heard it on shuffle recently and was very taken with it. The name of the other singer temporarily escapes me but her initials are Olivia Chaney.

John Prine – Hello In There – Ravi Raman: I’ve been bingeing on his music for some time now. And I found this terribly moving.

Aoife O’Donovan – Hornets – tincanman: Young(ish) Irish-American east coaster marries bluegrass and string folk and is starting to really hit her stride. One to watch.

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15 thoughts on “Earworms 9 October 2017

  1. Until yesterday I hadn’t heard of Alasdair Robert or Olivia Chaney. Then somebody at RR suggested Waxwing (right before your post Severin). Superb. So maybe I’m under that double spell. Lovely playlist today.

  2. I hadn’t spotted the Waxwing nom on R/R. That’s actually one of the two OC songs I have had a-listed already. I first heard her playing a free gig at the Queen Elizabeth Hall nearly ten years ago and have been utterly besotted ever since. She has often gigged with Alasdair Roberts or performed his songs. Currently in the USA promoting the album she recorded with the Decemberists under the joint name Offa Rex.

    Flo Rida doesn’t sound much like a Flo to me. Quite liked the track anyway. Half way between rapping and singing. Quite a bluesy guitar sound. I long ago lost track with what R&B is taken to mean
    I very rarely hear any John Prine although I seem to have known the name most of my life. This was very moving indeed.
    Aoife O’Donovan reminds me of… No, that way madness lies. She’s very good and I love the voices and the music.

  3. Wow! That Flo Rida is great! Is there a doctor in the house? I think there must be something wrong with me!
    Having said that, it IS very bluesy. It has a huge whiff of Skip McDonald about it and/or sounds like Gangstagrass, both of which would grant it a pass with me, so maybe it isn’t so much of a shock.

    Enjoyed the Alisdair Roberts, albeit a little too folky for my tastes.

    Oh Blimey! JP’s Hello In There got me into terrible trouble whilst guruing that RR Greetings weekend. Has long had a place in the DsD collection.

    How on earth do you pronounce Aoife? Spent most of the three minutes playtime either pondering that question or wincing at the fiddle, which jarred with me. Sorry.

    Flo Rida “wins” this week on account of being such a surprise hit. Erm, does he … is there … ach, I think I’m asking if there’s any more like that worthy of my almost non-existent free time.
    Sounds ‘mean’ that, and I didn’t intend it to be, but I truly am knackered, so it makes my fuse a little short. Forgive me please.

  4. Late to the party, as usual. For someone who is supposed to have a lot of free time, what with being retired and all, I seem to end up with a lot of things that need doing. Anyway, onwards etc

    Flo Rida – Who’s With Me This is rather good, isn’t it? It reminds me of those unclassifiable things that Beck does occasionally. I suppose that there are hip hop influences going on because of the samples and beats. I like it.

    Alasdair Roberts – False Lover John This is rather nice. I like the drone from the pipes.

    John Prine – Hello In There I used to know someone, a long time ago back in the 1970s who was a massive John Prine fan. His music is terribly emotional. I’ll admit to only ever wanting to hear him in small doses. This is a superb song that I know well. It is on the same album as the brilliant “Sam Stone”, I think.

    Aoife O’Donovan – Hornets I really enjoyed this. It had a lovely clarity of sound and reminded me a bit of Alison Krauss, which might be an unfair comparison.

    An interesting selection this week, making it hard to pick a winner, so I won’t because I liked all of them.

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