RR Films: Power

Yet another powerful man is found to have abused his position, this time in the film world. Power corrupts, I’m told, but that’s rather a lame excuse imho. But there have been many films about powerful people, people who grab power, even those with power thrust upon them… You may also consider films about power as in electricity or steam generation, if they get your motor running.

I’ll open with the effects of power on Klaus Kinski in Aguirre, Wrath of God. Sends him quite bonkers, poor chap.

What films about power would you recommend?

13 thoughts on “RR Films: Power

    • ….and war the week before that: a run of serious topics, I admit.
      Given the Tories’ embarrassing internal squabbling, I was hopng for a ‘family feud’ topic, but RR/SB hasn’t done one.

  1. I think Lars Von Trier’s Dogville is all about power. It received the usual (possibly justified) accusations of reveling in the suffering of the female lead.
    In this instance, of course there are a number of shifts in the balance of power which make the whole thing more intriguing.
    Still extremely hard to watch at times but I expect that.
    If nothing else, the audacity of staging the whole thing on a sound stage with chalk drawings and no set makes it pretty astonishing.


  2. Well we do have the Godfathers 1,2 and 3, but before them we have the original Godfather, William Randolph Hearst, aka Citizen Kane.

  3. Watchmen.

    Not the original graphic novels, you understand, which I’m reliably informed were only originally intended as a parody of the superhero genre.

    Just the 2009 film. It’s all about the power – who has it, what they want it for, what it does to them, and how that all affects those without it.

    * sigh *

    Even when I try to get serious, I still find I’m operating at the “colouring-in” end of the artistic spectrum.
    I give up.

  4. As already mentioned very late to the party this week but I will suggest “Sweet Smell of Success” in which Burt Lancaster plays JJ Hunsecker, a newspaper gossip column writer who wields an incredible power over those that need mentions in his column and his kid sister. Lancaster plays him to perfection – an evil megalomaniac ( remind you of any present day politicians ?)

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