IT’S ALL TRUE – California’s Burning

Several years ago I went with some friends to a concert by Dave and his band. It was held in a barn, literally, It was on the edge of a commercial apple orchard about 2 miles from my house. His band was the Guilty Women, all women, mostly from this area, some live in Sebastopol, my current hometown. For me the highlight of the show was Nina Gerber, guitar, she’s amazing. It was a great concert and this was one of the songs he played, suddenly it’s totally topical right here where he played it. You’ve all seen those photos of the smog in Beijing where everyone wears smog masks, that’s what Santa Rosa looks like right now. If you’re curious there’s plenty of this band at youtube.

5 thoughts on “IT’S ALL TRUE – California’s Burning

  1. Ali: That’s not the youtube link, that was an error. I spent close to an hour trying to log on yesterday using Safari to post this and WordPress wouldn’t recognize me. I finally asked Tinny to post it for me and somehow there was some confusion re youtube and that was the link that showed. I finally gave it one more go using Chrome instead and it went like a dream, it posted in about 2-3 mins. What’s up there now is what I intended. Thanks for the comment, we’re fine except for the smoke.

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