No Wheel of Your Tune

I didn’t get a chance to sort out WOYT this week. I’m at Cheltenham literature festival till Sunday. This has kept me company on my walk to the festival site just now. Beautiful. And made me think it’s the kind of music I could have on in the background while I read. You know what I mean? There is the music you can read with and the music you can’t. What do you have on on the background when you read?

Btw – @carole; you might be amused to know that my first event today is MP Jess Phillips talking to Jacob Rees-Mogg. Bound to be a riot!!

7 thoughts on “No Wheel of Your Tune

  1. Have fun in Cheltenham, Sarah! The idea of Jess Phillips taking on Mogg is interesting. I hope she utterly destroys him.

    Reading and music. There is always music on at home, whether it be BBC 6Music or CDs. I read along with anything and everything, so I cannot say that I have a preference. However, it sometimes turns out that what I am reading influences the kind of music I choose to play. I can’t be more specific, I’m afraid, because it tends to be whatever seems to fit the mood best. Mind you, I’m not sure that I could read Jane Austen while listening to hard rock or GSY!BE. Mozart or Haydn seems more appropriate.

  2. I can’t read and have music on at the same time. My brain wants to concentrate on only one of them. I have never been able to regard music as something in the background: if it’s not worth paying attention to, it wasn’t worth the trouble of making and, if it is worth paying attention to, then it deserves to get that attention.

  3. Hear, Hear. Me too. Plus I usually listen mostly on headphones.
    The usual only distraction is simultaneously reading the liner notes.
    Must be a male thing.

  4. Definitely not a male thing, I can’t concentrate on reading and listen to music at the same time, unless it’s something like a magazine (and I only read those at the hairdresser’s!)

  5. I can’t concentrate WITHOUT music to listen to. I can listen to anything except hip-hip when reading, it must be the speakiness of the rhythm of rap that distracts me

  6. I suppose I ought to point out that I suffer from tinnitus in my right ear (mainly from years of working in noisy computer environments, plus going to gigs and clubs), and therefore that I abhor silence, because the noise in my ear tends to take over. Music is a balm.

  7. When I was a teenager I was quite happy to revise for an exam or do homework while listening to music at deafening volume. My parents thought I couldn’t possibly concentrate with that racket playing but it seemed to make things easier if anything.
    Now I find it harder and harder to concentrate whether I listen to music or not. Loads of things seem to distract me. It doesn’t have to be music.
    I’ve even been on quite unnecessary trips on the tube because I find it easier to read a book in an environment where there’s nowhere to go and nothing else I want to look at. As long as nobody is sitting next to me with their MP3 player clicking and hissing, I’m more or less fine.
    At home I find that the cassette tapes I bought in the 1990s of ambient “nature sounds” help me read. Not music. Just birdsong or a running stream (probably someone’s tap running really) or sounds like that. Possibly this is performing the same function that a very familiar heavy rock album used to. Which would be ironic.

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