RR Films: (Upbeat) Break-up

As Theresa and David have a private dinner with Jean-Claude and Michel to discuss their parting of the ways, let’s look at how break-ups have been treated on film. RR has only done the upbeat sort of break-up, so if you can recommend one that fits that bill, please do so. But the sad kind of break-up is also under consideration here. I have my hanky at the ready.

I’m picking a film with a dark-edged dramatic break-up at its core (Judah Rosenthal’s termination of his affair with his mistress Dolores Paley) and a slow one drifting through it (Cliff Stern’s withering marriage to Wendy): Crimes and Misdemeanors, one of the great Woody Allen films.

What (upbeat) break-up films would you recommend?

11 thoughts on “RR Films: (Upbeat) Break-up

  1. Would it count as an “upbeat break up” if you decide to split up with the guy you originally “stole” from his wife, decide that he and his (now ex) wife are actually perfect fro each other and try every manner of contrivance to get them back together again.
    Not everyone liked this one but I did. Great performances all round.

    Maggie’s Plan

    • Thanks for dropping by, sev. It’s been rather quiet….

      Unfortunately, I’m in the ‘not everyone liked’ group. Greta Gerwig annoyed me a bit in Mistress America but in Maggie’s Plan I wanted to leap into the movie and slap her smug, shiny face. Sorry (on more than one level).

  2. First off a dond for “Crimes and Misdemeanors” Chris, as you say it is one of Woody’s greatest films and is underrated compared to say Annie Hall ( which would also qualify as an upbeat break up film !!) or Manhattan. But I will go for “His Girl Friday”, a remake of The Front Page in which Rosalind Russell has just recently divorced Cary Grant and is engaged to his successor Ralph Bellamy. The problem Russell has is that she will always be a “newspaperman” and so when a scoop presents itself just as she is about to leave to get married and having allegedly quit the business she can’t resist the temptation to write the story and so Bellamy takes second place to her real love and she ends up back with Grant and the newspaper business. The film has the deserved reputation as the fastest comedy ever made.

  3. I can’t think of anything except “Dirty Dancing”. Topic is a bit too close to home at the moment, I could probably write a movie about it … black comedy, I think …

  4. Can’t think of any Upbeat Breakup movie unless you count ET or K-Pac as being about breakups.

    And a Happy Deepavali to all. Hope the new year brings you all joy and prosperity.

  5. Hmmm, ‘upbeat’ break-ups. Can’t think of many that fit the bill – would Lost in Translation count? Was it a break-up, were they going out at all? Was it even upbeat? I would say you probably could include it even though they never actually were a couple and the relationship was unconsumated. I think they both parted in a less desparate state of mind than they began the movie, so that’s my justification (I think).

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