RR Films: Afterlife

George Michael heading towards the top of the album charts is surely proof of an afterlife? No? I’m yet to be convinced, although people I credit with some sense keep telling me they’ve seen ghosts, so what do I know?

Believe in such a thing or not, the idea of an afterlife has cropped up a few times in films, from drama to horror with the occasional bit of humour thrown in. I’m nabbing A Matter Of Life And Death to kick off. It may be one of those films you’ve never got round to seeing – and it is terribly, terribly dated my dear – but I recommend you rectify that.

What films featuring an afterlife would you recommend ?

18 thoughts on “RR Films: Afterlife

  1. A Matter Of Life And Death was what I thought of even before I opened the link. Anyway, I am going to nom The Woman In Black which is more than just a conventional ghost story, the eponymous Woman, without giving too much away is a real presence who reaches out from the afterlife to influence the here and now. It is a genuinely scary film.

  2. I know I have seen two very good films about reincarnation or the possibility thereof. One (French) about a boy who one day announces that he would like to go and live with his “real mother”. Another I think was bilingual and had two stories about people who may have been forcibly separated in a past life.
    Both eluding me at the mo.

  3. Not that many to choose from but I will recommend ‘Heaven Can Wait’, the original from 1943 not the Warren Beatty remake, in which Don Ameche tries to persuade the guardian of Hell that he has the qualifications to enter but on telling his life story the guardian refuses him entry as he has led too good a life !!

    • Just thought of an improvement on ‘Heaven Can Wait’ which is part of a film rather than the entire film, namely ‘Dead of Night’, a collection of 5 supernatural stories 2 of which contain ghosts. This is a really unsettling film but brilliant too, if you’ve never seen it try to hunt it out somewhere !

  4. All I can think of is “Flatliners” – Not entirely sure if it’s about the afterlife or about making amends for what you did in this one, but ’twill have to do.

  5. The Lovely Bones. A girl who is murdered watches over her grief stricken family and her murderer from the afterlife…
    Pretty harrowing. As is often the case with adaptations, the book was better.

  6. I’m not sure if I’m recommending it or not, but I watched A Ghost Story a couple of weeks ago and it has stayed with me ever since. Basically, it’s a film with very little dialogue where nothing happens very slowwwwly.

    I’m sure it’s more profound than my puny brain could work out, but it seemed to be missing something.

    Loved Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s star turn though!

  7. I remember quite clearly the first time i thought i may cry watching a movie. I was fairly young and my mother was watching Carousel on TV. I used to watch a lot of old movies on the telebox with her back in the days before videos, DVDs, t’internet and the like. She introduced me to a huge range of films when i was a nipper and i think this is where my love of movies came from.

    Obviously, as a child i wouldn’t have chosen to watch a soppy musical of my own volition, but watch it i did and wasn’t really sure why i was getting a lump in my throat … this never really happened. I didn’t cry, in fact, to this day, i’m not known to sob during films, no matter how emotionally affecting. But, it did have a massive affect on me. Thanks Mum. x

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