The Wheel of Your Tune

The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number. The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album. This week’s spin landed on A2.

The song I’ve chosen is the title track from Ryan Adams’ album of 2017, Prisoner. I’ve had an emotional 2 years or so, plenty of angst and in-my-head turmoil. During this time I’ve been drawn to music that either mirrors some of what goes on in my head or is emotionally even more problematic than stuff I’m trying to deal with. This album came out early this year. I have to ration my consumption of it. The tracks speak to me in so many ways. I love the Johnny Marr-esque guitar sound on many of the songs and so obvious on this one. So here is my A2; Ryan Adams – Prisoner.

Other As I thought of were:


The Afghan Whigs

What’s your A2?

10 thoughts on “The Wheel of Your Tune

  1. I have a huge amount of music by artists beginning with the letter “A”. I could pick from a number of albums by The Allman Brothers, or maybe AC/DC or perhaps Asia, Air, Atoms For Peace or even Amadou and Mariam. The choice is bewildering, but I am going to choose the second track from Cannonball Adderley‘s 1963 album, “Autumn Leaves“. It is the title track and it is here.

  2. I was tempted to pick the second track from the third “African Dub” album, i.e. Rema Dub, but you could argue that this is a “G” since it’s by Joe Gibbs et al.*

    So I’ll pick something a bit more contemporary in the second song from Anohni’s 2016 album Hopelessness.

    4 Degrees

    *cheap tactic to get two suggestions in rather than one.

  3. For 2017 I’d take John Abercrombie (sadly no longer with us) and Avishai Cohen (The Trumpet Player). Neither available online as ECM takes a hard line on Youtube clips.
    So it’s Dorothy Ashby- Essence of sapphire, from 1965’s the fantastic jazz harp of D.A.

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