Sounds on Sunday 54

Just a short list for you this week, I hope you enjoy listening. Many thanks to all contributors.

Kevin Pearce – Maria Come Home: “Essex-based artist Kevin Pearce returns with the haunting first single from his new album So On, out on the 8th December. Maria Come Home is an ode to the tragic life of the late, great Soprano Maria Callas, opera’s first international superstar… (it) draws on a plethora of influences ranging from The Beach Boys to Portishead and … modern classical composers such as Arvo Part … Kevin Pearce is performing a UK tour around the release of So On culminating in a gig at the inimitable Green Note in London.”

All the Luck in the World – Golden October: Golden October is the first in a line of new music from Irish threesome All The Luck In The World (Neil Foot, Ben Connolly and Kelvin Barr) since their highly praised 2014 self-titled album … This alternative-folk single also comes with the promise of a new album, written and recorded in County Wicklow, Ireland and completed in Berlin. It’s been a labour of love since 2015, when the band decided to focus on crafting a unique soundscape, creating their own home-made instruments by sampling organic, acoustic sounds. They converted a forgotten woodshed into a studio space in the Wicklow countryside, and aptly named it “Haven”. Here the band began to compose and craft songs based around a set of stories, both personal and abstract, that were patiently developed over the course of a year. The album was then recorded between this space and Golden Retriever Studio in Berlin with the help of producer Paul Pilot.”

Plastic Picnic – Berkeley: Berkeley is from the debut EP from Plastic Picnic, premiered by Atwood Magazine – you can read more here.

Valipala – Candygram: From their new record Mango City – “Valipala keyboardist/songwriter Aviv Goldgeier: “Candygram is adapted from a story that our old singer, Chris, told me once. When he was 8 or 9, he received an anonymous candygram. He said he freaked out about it all day – ever the romantic, he had a crush at the time, and for all he knew, it was from her. But when he got home, his mom told him that she had sent him a candygram. At first, he was disappointed, but soon after realized that he was grateful to have a mom that loved him. This story was so adorable that I felt like it merited its own song … On this track, we brought in percussionist Kweku Sumbry, who contributed the djembe part, which gets especially bonkers under the melodica solo.””

Anna Tosh – Edge of Cool: From the One Big Fire EP released in October, “A roaming rocker’s composite of CBGB-era new wave, West Coast anthemics and slick garage riffery, Edge of Cool is comfortably the sum of its rousing parts. As Anna and her band dexterously play with the song’s rich ingredients, a segue into darker tones reflects the sense of unease and confusion inherent in its subject matter. “This is an elegy to a relationship that was over before it began,” says Anna. “Afterwards, the guy’s car followed me all around town for a long time, I would see it everywhere and I could not shake it. It’s about being haunted by an illusion.””

Young Tongue – Electric Display: “Austin TX’s indie rock foursome, Young Tongue (previously The Baker Family), consists of husband and wife Stu and Liz Baker along with Nathan Ribner, and Darryl Schomberg II. The band … is … releasing a series of singles from Sept 2017 to Summer 2018. “Electric Display is a song that felt like it wrote itself while we were just kind of jamming during a rehearsal. The lyrics came to me while I was hiking on the green belt with my daughter strapped to my chest. Being alone in the woods with my daughter, and thinking about how strange it is to be on the other side of the parent/child relationship now, I had a sort of existential epiphany that I’m at the beginning of the middle of the end of my life.””

By An Ion – Autre Vie: “New single from By An Ion, a Los Angeles based electro synth duo, Ray Aguilar and Alex Gonzales, which was just released. Entitled Autre Vie the single features nostalgic electronica, atmospheric aesthetics and building anthemic drums … By An Ion’s eagerly awaited upcoming EP, Violet Sky has already had the stamp of approval from industry professionals, being mastered by Pete Maher (Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Rolling Stones, The Killers). They have also worked in the studio along side with The New Division’s John Kunkel, TimeCop1983’s Jordy Leenearts and Spanish Synth Pop artist Sergio Palacios from Puerto Aereo.”

Rex Wang – Rexhits:Rex Wang is a solo artist born and raised in Shanghai. Just like the city he grew up in, his music keeps a good balance between modern and retro, with a high degree of attention to detail. Every single track he made, from lyrics/music writing to production, then recording and finally mixing/mastering, he got every step done carefully in his studio. That’s what he calls “fidelity to music”, and his solid music background gives him the confidence to do so. Prior to his indie artist life, Rex Wang was a well-established composer/producer; he has worked with some high-profile clients such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Shanghai Media Group, and his compositions have been performed in multiple cities around the world.”

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