Alphabet Sounds

I created a round for my local quiz last month that may keep some of you amused for a few minutes.

Teams were given this sheet and the following instructions:

Place 26 of the musical acts pictured in alphabetical order, alternating male and female artists.

When sequencing, ignore ‘The’ in group names and ignore forenames (but not titles) in solo artists’ names. For example, The Animals, Joan Baez, Captain Sensible is a correct sequence, as is Tori Amos, The Beatles, PetulaClark.

Be careful! There are 4 ‘wrong’ acts, where the gender does not fall into line with the other 26 (e.g. if all six acts in my two examples were shown, three would be ‘wrong’). Place the names of these four acts in the blank spaces at the foot of the answer sheet.

The answer sheet consisted of 26 lettered answer spaces and four unlettered ones at the bottom.

See how well you do but remember, you may only search your brain, not the internet. Answers HERE.

I presented the round as a slideshow with music by one of the acts playing this in the background. Any excuse, eh?

6 thoughts on “Alphabet Sounds

  1. Birth gender or the one they identify with?

    Working backwards: ZZ Top, Yaz, XTC (or at least a couple of them, possibly)


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