Earworms 6 November 2017

Good morning, and a warm and fuzzy welcome to new contributor Carraval, who has sent us a brilliant track. If you’d like to join in and have an earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors.

Afro Celt Sound System – Magic and Mayhem – Carraval: I remember saying only the other week that it was ages since I had come across any new music or band that truly blew me away, feeling stuck in the past, but this week I heard this band is coming to the Picturedrome next week. Their name piqued my interest so have been listening to them on youtube, amazing, wonderful, and lots of other superlatives.  Thought I would forward the link to this track for your listeners in case they too had never come across the band before either.

The Beaters – Inhlupheko Iphelile – Magicman: This week’s discovery is South African soul/jazz/township band The Beaters, formed in Soweto in the late 1960s and including Sipho Mabuse in the line-up. There’s a tremendous LP from 1975 which reminds me very much of one of my early loves : Osibisa. This one has similar keyboard and flutes backed by the forever drums. “This LP emerges as a product of so many polarities and cross-roads that continue to challenge the fusion of South African identities – modern/traditional; urban/rural; north/south; foreign/local. Imagine a sixteen-year old Soweto schoolboy in 1965 identifying with the hippie movement and forming a band called “The Beaters”. Performing bare-foot in mandarin-collared white jackets, Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse, Selby Ntuli, Alec Khaoli and Monty Ndimande became a hit with the urban hip black crowds in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Their first album “Soul-A-Go-Go” was released in 1969. American Soul and Jazz was assimilated into what became known as Soweto Soul.” (from the Electric Jive website). This is from the 1975 LP Harari.

Hey Exit – Holding collapse – glassarfemptee: Hey Exit is Brendan Landis. He lives in Queens NY. I’ve troubled your ears with him before. His latest EP moves into the field of avant shoegaze, whatever that is. Soothing balm, though. See what you think.

Lizz Wright – Barley – tincanman: The North Carolina-based gospel/jazz singer wanted to dig deeper into her family’s southern heritage on her new album, Grace. She covers, as you might expect, Ray Charles, Sister Rosetta Sharpe, Allen Toussaint but also Canadians Rose Cousins, kd lang and this one from the American/Canadian Chicago duet Birds of Chicago. No one said Americans were good at geography.

Randy Newman – On the Beach – severin: Some of the songs on the new Randy Newman album are more speech than singing. The title track is like a sketch set to music. Nothing wrong with that but I rather enjoy this brief, jazzy ode to the guy who never leaves the beach.

Holly Macve – No One Has The Answers – AliM: I went to see Holly Macve in concert the other week – she is my friend’s granddaughter. She is young and talented, and has lots of potential, although her voice and style tend towards melancholy. It’s impossible to mind this too much when her voice is so beautiful. Anyway, this is from her CD Golden Eagle, and is probably one of the more upbeat tracks, in spite of its title.

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15 thoughts on “Earworms 6 November 2017

      • Ali – my thoughts are right there with you.

        I’ve just posted this under severin’s comment on RR – I’ll put it here too for you:

        On the 27th October 2016, I had a rare evening out with the Ms. Our children safely staying with the grandparents from her side. I was quite dubious about seeing Afro Celt Sound System as it was their 20th anniversary shows – but not with all the original members – a split had occurred and both sides were releasing songs claiming they were the artistic core of the band.
        But we went and before sat talking – the Ms telling me stories of her time handing out flyers for the band so her and her friends could see them for free in the early years and I recounted how I’d created a poster for some venue they played at – it was a lovely gentle evening.
        Inside the gig was one of the weirdest modern gigs that I’ve experienced – deep into an excellent bouncy live experience I suddenly noticed that very few people had a smartphone filming the gig – everyone was just living in the music and enjoying the moment, the funniest thing was – I had to get a picture of no-one taking pictures (I’m an artist and photographer – it’s in my bones) – so went to the side and watched as some little old lady who must have been edging on 70, made her way to the front, and started filming on her iphone – the one and only person.
        I wondered if it was because all the new age hippies refused to have such gadgets – but a request from stage to illuminate the next song saw all the audience light up the room with their phone torches – weird.

        Sadly as endings go – I will always remember the date; the very next day I had a call to say my mum had died – but with her red hair and Celtic blood, it was (in my mind), a fitting gig to remind me of her.

        A Higher Love Afro Celt Sound System

        • Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I’d not heard of Afro Celt Sound System But my friend Carraval sent me a video and they’re on locally, so we are going together. My brother loved music; when he retired he became a full-time carer for his wife, who is 100. This stopped him going out so much but whenever I visited we would sit up and watch BBC4 or whatever on a Saturday night, music and documentaries etc. He particularly liked Bob Dylan and jazz such as Dave Brubeck; this was his era (he was born in 1940) but he was open to anything and liked to hear new sounds on Jools Holland or whatever, he sent me CDs by KT Tunstall and Portishead who were new to me at the time. He was 18 years older than me, my mentor and my friend, I can’t get my head around it yet, but I will. Just take care of those you love and don’t waste time. Thanks all. xxx

          • PS: When I was a lad no one had smart phones. I find it really irritating at gigs when everyone is filming; (a) because the lights from the phones are distracting and (b) because I am short and people stand in front of me with their arms above their heads, filming. Get a bloody life!! The sound quality on most phones is crap anyway – I stand guilty of this myself as I have tried recording a few times but the quality is shite and does the band no credit at all. So just put the bloody phone away and enjoy the music – the gig tomorrow is at a venue that’s notorious for having people talking throughout the music, so if no one films it on their phone I will be grateful. Rant over, love, peace, and all that (drunk, sorry).

          • I detest phones at gigs the screens distracts me too – I end up watching the filming instead. Most times if I want photographs of an evening (I did used to do such things for money) I go early and ask to take images in rehearsals/set up. It made for a more unique set of images.
            A gig was for listening/bouncing/ engulfing yourself in (that’s why I didn’t make much money!) – I hope it’s a fitting evening to remember your brother – take care, Ali.

  1. I used to have a copy of Afro Celt Sound System’s second CD. In fact I posted one of the tracks on a Spill Game playlist a few years ago to mixed response. Oddly I can’t find the thing on my iTunes now. Will have to have a rummage through the actual discs. Anyway, I enjoyed this track, which seems to be composed for a computer game soundtrack, very much indeed.
    Beaters track was also a joy. A lovely sound and perhaps more catching up to do.
    I do like that Hey Exit sound too. Yes, it is a bit shoegazey and a bit ambient which all sounds fine to me.
    I don’t know nothing about geography but I know a good voice when I hear one and Lizz Wright’s is great. Never heard the song before.
    I liked Holly Macve’s voice a lot too. Especially when it veers toward the yodel zone. Good song. And the title seems truer every day.

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