RR Films: Secrets

The murky secrets of the famous started oozing out a few weeks ago, and now those of the rich have added to the sludge. Let’s hope something good comes of it all. And that those who are very rich and very famous are all squeaky clean (I’m talking to you, Donny.)

Films about secrets, both kept and/or revealed; they’re not uncommon. I’ll stay close to the latest news story and pick Citizenfour, Laura Poitras’s film, made in secret, of Edward Snowden spilling the beans on the NSA et al. I believe there’s now a dramatised version of these events starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt; I can’t see how it could be more dramatic than the reality documented.

What films about secrets would you recommend?

18 thoughts on “RR Films: Secrets

  1. Donna Brazile just dropped a couple of bombshell secrets. Which were not especially revelatory to those of us cynics who long knew there was gambling in the casino. The hypocrisy of those pretending to be shocked is nauseating in the extreme.

    I’ll go for Raise the Red Lantern. Where the main character inadvertently blows the secret of an ally, while having a secret of her own blown by a rival. Spoiler – none of it ends well.

  2. The father/husband in the Michael Hanneke film Hidden (Cache) has kept some facts from his childhood secret from his family.
    They may or may not explain why someone is filming the front of their home, sending them first the videos tapes and then some apparently threatening drawings.
    It is possible that he is not the only one keeping a secret but we get hints and nudges rather than full on revelation.


          • I had a theory about Hidden when I first saw it that it was an allegory about France’s relationship to the Iraq war and its own colonial past. There was a particular scene when the news (of the war) was on TV while the protagonists were agonising that triggered the thought. I may have been wrong.

            I may have said this before but I think The White Ribbon is Haneke’s best. The atmosphere of foreboding he created through simple scenes was masterful and the whole thing seemed somehow to explain how Nazism could (nay, did) take hold in such a society.

  3. Well, there are many many films that contain people concealing things from each other including Sideways, which I have nommed fairly recently, so instead I will go for “American Beauty” which really is all about the way image rules American life and how things are rarely what they seem ! Particularly in this case where Colonel Frank Fitts (Chris Cooper) appears to be a typically macho ex marine but is in fact gay and it is Lester Burnham’s (Kevin Spacey) refusal of his sexual advances that lead to his death. Of course, there is now another level of irony attached to this film given the revelations that are emerging about Kevin Spacey’s private life ! More secrets !!

  4. Agnieszka Holland- Europa, Europa.
    Based on the true story of Solomon Perel, a German Jewish boy who managed to conceal his ethnicity throughout WW2 despite being enrolled in an elite HJ training school. A very fine film reminiscent of Schlöndorff’s Tin Drum.

  5. I originally thought of lots of films in the espionage genre, which is the natural home of secrecy, but I think that is too obvious.

    Instead I am going to go with the 1940 Hitchcock film version of Daphne Du Maurier’s classic novel “Rebecca”.

  6. The original version (obs) of Secrets in their Eyes is an awesome movie… the payoff/secret not clear until the very end. I’ve not seen the recent remake, but to be honest, i’m not that bothered as the Argentinian version is so good. It would only annoy me.

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