The Future of The ‘Spill

Hi ‘Spillers – I’ve just sent an email to everyone I have an address for.  This is what it says – would be good to get your comments here too.

Hi ‘Spillers,

Sorry again for the round robin email.  I hope you all recall my email from March re the future of The ‘Spill?

We’ve now received the email from WordPress asking us to pay for our annual subscription.  Again, it’s time to think about what we want to do about this.  The subscription is £85 and Ali paid it for 2017.
After my last email we did see a spike in activity; new posts, regular commenting etc.  Things have tailed off again more recently.  It’s difficult to determine whether the readership is going down as WordPress has changed the way it counts views, but looking at the stats we have seen month on month decreasing number of visits and comments.  The irony is, collectively we have published more this year than we did in any of the 3 years prior to 2017. 
And yet, dear ‘Spillers, the place does still feel like it has life left in it, and when things look tough for some of us we do rally and provide virtual support for each other – there’s warmth there.  But I do have to ask you all – do you think there is enough life for us to go on for another year??  If the answer is a resounding “Yes”, my next concern is covering the cost of the WordPress subscription in a fair way.  Would you be willing to make a contribution to keep The ‘Spill going?
Let us know what you think by return – I’m going to stick this up at The ‘Spill as well.  This place has been so welcoming to me and you all have such wonderful things to say about the posts, you provide insight, debate politely and willingly share your huge musical knowledge.  It would be a shame to see that lost.
All the best,
Sarah, Ali & Carole

20 thoughts on “The Future of The ‘Spill

  1. I’m happy to chip in a tenner. I usually send it to Ali; will do so again if that suits.

    Yes, it is disappointingly quiet round here with just the usual suspects* for company (as fine as they are). Maybe when people finally turn away from facebook they’ll return here…?

    (*I’m hoping the reference point for ‘the usual suspects’ will return to Casablanca, now that Kev has turned out to be something like the real Keyser Soze….)

  2. I’ll pledge the Euro equivalent of Ten British Pounds to any Paypal account or similar if someone wants to send me details, I wasn’t in the loop for this year’s emails but pretty sure @tincanman and @mnemosene or any of the older Spillers will be able to pass my Nilpferd address on.

  3. I haven’t been dropping in much recently, though do often think of posts that I never get round to publishing. But I’d hate to see this place disappear, and would happily chip in a tenner for the Festive Spill alone.

  4. Sarah: when is the renewal actually due? It looks like I last dipped into my piggy bank in January
    this year.

    btw: did you notice that the third series of Detectorists started last night?

    • Hi Chris, renewal date is officially 30th Jan, so we have some time yet. I just wanted to make sure everyone was in agreement to continue…
      And yes, saw the first episode the other night. How fantastic. Great start and I loved the ending with the Unthanks’ Magpie over the visions of history in the field. It was very funny again – Toby Jones is a superior actor. Love it!

  5. Hi, I collected contributions last time, I think renewal is January (off the top of my head), they tend to start hassling early. Happy to contribute, of course, and will do so via Carole’s paypal link when I get a mo. I’d be sorry to see The ‘Spill go.

  6. Contribution sent. I’m sorry I haven’t been around; I do miss you all, but have been horribly and ceaselessly busy for what seems like forever and certainly us a couple of years. I’m in a much better place than I was a couple of years ago – new job, above all – but that hasn’t as yet left me with any more time. Doesn’t help that my own work-related blog has taken off (relatively) and takes up more time, and that I devote energy to yelling about Brexit on the Twitter. Finally the fact that I’m still not really reconciled to what happened with RR and the SongBar, and so have ended up doing neither, is undoubtedly a factor.

    This is a useful nudge. I do have a couple of earworms I need to sort out, I will curate the annual Spill Awards again unless anyone else would like to take over – and I will have a think about other posts…

    • I’ve seen you’ve been very active on twitter – your CtulhuUK has me tittering quite often. Keep up the good work. As for the Spill Awards; essential surely?

  7. Hi All, I am late to the party yet again. 2017 has been a pretty rough year for me and I am finding it hard to devote time to joining in at the moment. This is the first time I have been on the Spill in months.

    Like Neville alludes to above, the RR/Songbar split has also been tricky, and, like several others i had tried to join in at both places, and am finding that to do so, plus joining in at the Spill as well is just not possible at the moment. Its tough though because there are great people that you are sure to bump into at each place that you want to keep bumping into.

    I wonder if others have also experienced the same and that also perhaps explains a drop in traffic despite plenty of content.

    I am not so savvy with the paypal side of things and don’t have a paypal account, but happy to look into it if needed as I do feel like I do owe you all something given that I haven’t contributed so far.

    Indeed, I had to drop my “Wilson” column even though I have a long list of artists to explore for future topics. Maybe I might be able to resurrect it later next year, just not now.

    thanks again though to everyone keeping this place going, especially Sarah and Ali and Carole.

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