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After Fuel’s epic week at the helm of his wonderful, joyous and revealing mixtape topic over at The Guardian, I thought I’d share with you a blog I’ve been following for some years.

Beautiful Song of the Week is a genre busting music blog, born when the writer decided to capture the songs he was sharing and listening to with his girlfriend.  It does exactly as the name suggests.  Every week the writer shares another song.  There’s a short write up about the background of the artist or a story to go with the track.  At the end of the post the writer gives 3 reasons why the song is beautiful and a suggestion of what you could be doing when you listen to the track.  In his “About” page he says “think of this as a mixtape that’s never quite finished” (if he does ever decide to end it, Fuel has a beautifully curated list of options he could consider!).  It’s a marvellously simple and effective concept.  I dip in an out of this blog, maybe not visiting for a month or so, but because there is only one post a week, I never feel like I get too behind with the content.

The full list is also available to browse on the blog.  The writer recently put together a Spotify playlist of all the songs he’s included so far; 363 songs and 24 hours of music (in the “Contact” tab).  I’m working my way through it in the order it was written – there really is some very lovely stuff to discover.

I want to share this with you now because only the other week he wrote about his love of mixtapes and compilations mentioning a series called Late Night Tales.  I am a fan of this compilation series, it’s where I most recently discovered The Alessi Brothers – Seabird The song he shared on this occasion is a cover of a song I love.  I agree with him that the original is totally underrated; it has been a constant on my own compilations for years.  The cover version lives up to the name of the blog.  Beautiful.

Click the link at the top to visit the blog or to follow on twitter go to @abeautifulsong

Which music blogs (other than The ‘Spill, of course) do you visit and why? – Discuss.



4 thoughts on “Other music blogs – Discuss

  1. I am a fan of the Late Night Tales series too, often find unexpected treasure on them. I don’t read as many music blogs as I used to, but i enjoy listening to Decayed Lace Radio https://www.facebook.com/Decayed-Lace-Radio-274615472602907/ which is a mix of old and new gothic, shoegaze and interesting music I wouldn’t hear otherwise and also check out a few sites where recordings of live shows can be heard. Probably not of interest to anyone else, but it keeps me listening to new things.

  2. I don’t particularly follow other music blogs. But I enjoy dipping into Ruth and Martin’s Album Club from time to time, after being introduced to it by Abahachi: http://ramalbumclub.com

    There’s some fantastic writing, and it’s a good way to discover or revisit classic (and lesser known) albums.

    • I love Ruth & Martin’s Album Club. I pledged towards the book last year and it eventually arrived in August. He’s fascinating. I heard him on the Anfield Wrap (a podcast I listen to sometimes). He’s mates with the guys who host it. They did a version of the album club with him and made him listen to Pulp’s A Different Class – he wasn’t that taken with it!

  3. I don’t really look at too many others, certainly not on a regular basis, but one I do check in from time to time is:
    Its just a guy from the UK, Rol, who makes music lists, creates games, shares the odd story of his life etc. I actually think he would be a great contributor to RR or Songbar if we could ever get him across.

    Adrian’s album reviews is also not bad, although I haven’t visited in quite some time. Its more a basic “review album and rate out of ten” kind of site, but sometimes good if you are interested in finding out more about someone that he might have reviewed.

    My friend (and best man at my wedding) Jeremy also used to run a good blog, but then he had kids and his blogging dried up, hasn’t posted anything in years, but there is some good stuff archived on his site. His “April Fools” posts were always good for a laugh.

    and lastly, although I have lost the link – contributor magicman has a good blog site too.

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