The Wheel of Your Tune

The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number. The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album. This week’s spin landed on C9.  I’ve chosen the track Florence from the debut album by Loyle Carner, Yesterday’s Gone.  This album is on so much in my house.  We all love it.  Although we are generally tolerant of each other’s music choices, it’s really important in a house full of music lovers that there are albums and artists we can all agree on and enjoy listening to together.  This is one of those albums.  And he is such a lovely bloke too!  It’s worth reading about his back story if you have a moment.

Here then is my C9 track.  Florence by Loyle Carner

Other C’s I thought about were:



The Comet is Coming

Cigarettes After Sex

What’s your C9?

13 thoughts on “The Wheel of Your Tune

  1. I am going to go with the ninth track from the album “Clear Spot” By Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band (managed a double C there). It is called “Long Neck Bottles” and it is here

  2. Ninth track on their album Encore Du Vingt by the Cock and Bull Band, featuring various tootlings by my former next door neighbour Jean-Pierre Rasle, who wrote the tune. The title is a joke that works in English as well as French. Bee/drone

    Abeille et Bourdon

  3. I haven’t kept track with past Wheels so I don’t know if I or anyone else has picked this album before. Anyway, it’s another blast from the past.
    1973 and Kevin Coyne’s (still) astonishing Marjory Razorblade album. Track nine just happens to be the one I have played the most over the years. I suspect that it true for others too.

    House On The Hill

  4. 2017- Carl Craig/Les Siecles Orchestra/Francesco Tristano- Versus- The Melody. An earlier version here.
    My jazz pick would be John Coltrane, Naima (alternate) from the CD version of Giant Steps.
    Neville is right about 9 eliminating a lot of jazz possibilities though, including the recent Avishai Cohen releases.
    Non-jazz non-2017 would be Coldcut- Spiral (DJ Food) from Coldkrushcuts.

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