I didn’t feel much like talking last week, which is why I’m only now getting round to posting an image of some old compilation tapes I meant to do during RR Mixtape week. Careful eyes will note that I zedded those Goldie and Bunnymen tunes last week.

6 thoughts on “Compilations

    • Thank you for taking part. It was a great week because I like to get a bit deeper with a subject and also because stories like yours made it a truly communal effort; I only curated the theme.

    • Thank you. Loved your comments, especially the one about surrendering to the nostalgia fest – that and a comment saneshane made have inspired my next topic :).

      BTW. I’ve also lost, destroyed and given away so many tapes that I wish I still had. I think the memories are still there.


    • True. The Rap tape is a collection of tunes put together in return for borrowing some of my rap/hip hop singles and LPs. When I went to the US the rap tapes were borrowed and copied a lot. Hence, Rap 2 and 3 are long gone.

      The house tape was a gift. It’s one of the few I have digitised. I put it on here once.

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