Festive ‘Spill, 2017

It’s time once again to gather our favourite songs of the year for the annual festive extravaganza.

– Select your 3 best tunes of 2017 (or very late 2016) & rank them (#1 being best of of the best).

– Send your secret ballot, along with mp3’s or mp3 links to shoemail@cfl.rr.com. The ‘Spill jukebox does require to be fed actual mp3’s.

Within a few hours, days or a week, you should get confirmation back that your choices are entered. Vote early to avoid someone beating you to the punch on a preferred pick. Doesn’t happen much due to the power of diversity; if it does you can make a replacement.

All being well, results will be playlisted on the ‘Spill, starting Tuesday, December 19.

Can’t believe this is the 10th time we’ve done this.

23 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2017

  1. Excellent news shoegazer.

    I’ve only been participating for a few years now but it is a brilliant tradition and many thanks for curating it.

  2. Done – no turning back now.

    No. 1 was easy it was 2 and 3 that proved difficult and I hope I’ve left the right ones off!

  3. I’ve made my choices. So many great choons to leave out. I’ll have to do an end of year write-up. Maybe as a ‘Spillin’ The Beans over a couple of weeks.

  4. That’s my first shot at a ‘three’ sent! Still one of my favourite things of the year (even though I’m a bit AWOL these days). x

  5. Having trouble choosing, love hearing everyone’s choices, feel a bit dinosaur like this year, new music hasn’t thrilled me, but there are at least 3. Thanks for doing this 🙂

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