Earworms 27 November 2017

Good morning, it’s that time of the week again. And who the hell ordered snow? Send it back, immediately! Anyway, if you have an earworm you’d like to share, please send an.mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, with a few words about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors.

Bruce Cockburn – Cafe Society – tincanman: From a very good new album, Bone On Bone, that recalls his glory days of being deadly earnest in catchy songs.

Fever Ray – Falling – abahachi: How did I miss that Fever Ray has had a new album out for a whole fortnight? It’s only nine years since the brilliant debut… This is weirder and chillier, reminding me faintly of Portishead’s transition from Glory Box to Portishead, with some amazing electronic noise.

Mammut – Sorrow – severin: Icelandic band formed in 2003 and originally known as ROK. Soon changed their name and expanded from three to five piece but have only released four albums since their debut in 2006. This is the final track from their latest. The album is called Kinder Versions and I initially took it to be an album of remixes. Daft bugger. Inevitable Bjork comparisons of course but their music is pretty wide ranging. This track doesn’t typify the whole album. It’s just the one of the ones that I am currently finding most ear-wormish.

U Rajesh/U Srinivas – Tulasi dala mulache – Ravi Raman: the Mandolin brothers take a simple 8 lines of poetry and turn into this 13 minute beaut. Tulasi is holy basil and the title means “I’ll worship the Lord with basil”.

K T Tunstall – Heal Over – AliM: One of the pieces of music I chose for my brother’s funeral at the weekend – he liked K T Tunstall – and it’s a beautiful song, lodged in my head.

Image Copyright: rawpixel / 123RF Stock Photo

8 thoughts on “Earworms 27 November 2017

    • I thought your worm fitted in a sense because it has a dreamlike feel, rather like Mammut and Fever Ray, although a different genre, obviously. It’s very beautiful.

  1. Bruce Cockburn – Cafe Society Terrific bluesy fun. Really enjoyable.

    Fever Ray – Falling Spooky, claustrophobic and unsettling. This sounds like the soundtrack to a very dark psychodrama. (n.b. this is a recommendation)

    Mammut – Sorrow It must be really annoying for Icelandic bands to constantly get Björk comparisons but I think it is slightly justified for this track. I suppose, partly it must be how English sounds when sung with an Icelandish accent, especially by a woman. Apart from that, the music isn’t really that much like Björk’s work. I rather liked it, though. The intensity worked really well.

    U Rajesh/U Srinivas – Tulasi dala mulache This was just beautiful. Nothing else needs to be said.

    K T Tunstall – Heal Over I’ve never really listened to KT Tunstall that much, not having liked the singles she’s released over the years, but this was a much better piece of music. Very moving.

    I think, overall, I am giving this week’s top spot to U Rajesh/U Srinivas because it was so lovely.

    Also, once again, condolences to Ali.

  2. Glad you all liked it. It has been repackaged and reissued, part of an album containing just three of his performances with his brother. Tulasi was by far the best for me.

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