‘Spillin’ The Beans – 2017 in sound – Week One

new years eve 2017

Over the next three Fridays, ‘Spillin’ The Beans will be looking back at various things I have liked and listened to as part of my soundtrack to 2017. Obviously, this won’t be the only stuff I’ve listened to, because that would be silly, but it will be things that were released this year and cover a variety of genres. It isn’t really a review of the year and none of the tracks in the playlists will be ones that I’ve nominated for the Festive ‘Spill Ones, Twos and Threes, but some of the artists may well be featured both here and on those lists too.

Leaving aside the actual events of 2017, which, it has to be said, were generally pretty awful at a global level, musically it has been pretty varied, which some excellent music from a wide variety of sources.

Hopefully, there will be something for everyone. The first playlist is here.

Feel free to comment. I know that I have ignored a lot of things that others will have found more worthwhile, but hey, these are MY lists.


3 thoughts on “‘Spillin’ The Beans – 2017 in sound – Week One

  1. All of these are new to me, both artists and tracks (apart from Songhoy Blues). Rapsody I wasn’t so keen on; Thundercat reminded me slightly of Hall and Oates (this is good); Kamasi Washington and Jordan Rakei both a bit too mellow for me, and sort of flowed into one ear and out the other; then James Holden – love it! Hillage-esque prog/jazz/trance something or other, right up my street. Loved Ghostpoet too, made me think slightly of Massive Attack, and Songhoy Blues are always great. Thanks Carole.

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