And this award goes to… the other guys…


Concerned that, in a year that has in most people’s opinion been a pretty good one for a wide range of music, the end of year awards will still all end up going to Taylor Swift or some other equally undeserving mainstream twaddle? Never fear, the Annual Spill Awards offer YOU the opportunity to push for the records and other cultural events that YOU think are most deserving of recognition. But only if YOU get involved, or I’ll just end up stuffing the envelopes as usual.

Here’s how it works – and I try every year to make these instructions clear, and every year someone ignores them and then gets cross afterwards…

(1) You need to nominate your favourites for consideration for the shortlist by sending an email to abahachi{at}, by Friday 15th December. You can suggest as many different candidates as you wish, for Event, Hero, Villain, Film, TV Series and Record of the Year – if you send in a decent number of suggestions, there is a better chance that at least one of them will make it onto the shortlist for voting, whereas if you send in just one there’s a bigger chance that you will be disappointed. Remember, email, not writing in the comments.

(2) A shortlist will be drawn up for each category based on these nominations – which in practice tends to mean that anything getting a vote from more than one person is in. I’ll then set up polls where everyone can vote.

(3) Results will be announced in a live award ceremony some time in the first half of January, once I get my act together. It’s usually a Friday or Saturday (evening, UK time), so if there are particular dates that you’d prefer me to avoid, let me know by email or in the comments.

By the way, since I don’t frequent RR or the SongBar any more, would someone be willing to publicise this to people over there? All welcome, not just Spill regulars.

3 thoughts on “And this award goes to… the other guys…

  1. Done what I can and emailed it. If you can’t see it, ‘Hach, look in your Junk/Spam folder. I accidentally used my work email address, and my provider has been having spam filter problems.

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