‘Spillin’ The Beans – 2017 in sound – Week Two

Hello Pop Pickers, here is my second playlist of 2017 choons. Six more tracks that I’ve heard and enjoyed in 2017.


That isn’t the Eye of Sauron above, but if it had been, I feel it might have been quite appropriate for 2017.

The playlist is here. Once again, feel free to comment on my dreadful taste and choices.


7 thoughts on “‘Spillin’ The Beans – 2017 in sound – Week Two

  1. Went to visit my mate in Germany and he’d just seen Thurston Moore – said it was excellent.
    and I will have to get Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile eventually.
    Badlands is lovely and chilled.
    Enjoyed the Four Tet too.
    Didn’t know Divisionists (but do know of Xeth who did the amimation) liked the music not 100% on the vocal (but will listen again without the video distraction – because jumping to instant and steadfast conclutions is wrong).
    Jane Weaver has a big presence on my stereo (on this computer ‘Argent’ is one of the most played songs!) haven’t got around to getting her songs this year either – will rectify that soon – ace track.
    Don’t rightly remember if I’ve ever taken any notice of The xx but that’s alright innit.

  2. Thurston Moore – brilliant, I really like Thurston Moore;
    Courtney Barnett etc: very laid back, very American, very Rickie Lee Jones sort of era, almost lazy to start with, love the way it builds;
    Squarewave – excellent, in similar vein, also builds, like it a lot;
    Four Tet – I already have this, love the dulcimer (if that’s what it is);
    Divisionists – Proggy guitar, made me think of King Crimson until the vocal kicked in, then reminded me of America or Alan Parsons or something from around that time;
    Jane Weaver – sort of trancy, I enjoyed this;
    The XX – my least favourite but excellent vocal.

    Great playlist, I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks Carole.

  3. Don’t take this the wrong way, Carole, but I enjoyed all of that much more than I thought I would. Particularly – to my great surprise – The XX. Thanks.

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