Festive ‘Spill Update

Just a reminder that we are planning to ‘Spillcast this year’s besties starting next Tuesday (Only a week away, procrastinators – you know who you are).

We can change the planned Tues, Thurs, Sat broadcast if we want to. Also, let me know in the comments what time would suit most best? It’s always fun to have a few folks listening at the same time.

23 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill Update

  1. Likewise probably won’t be able to do anything but catch up later – but just wanted to remind everyone please to send me your nominations for this year’s Spill Awards – not a huge response so far, which gives me great power over the shortlists but leaves a queasy feeling of undemocratic guilt. Which is very 2017, but I’d rather not.

  2. You should now have had all three of my selections – albeit not necessarily with the right mp3 attached to each email: gimme a break, I’m knackered!

    The timing of play through: write me off! I’m working [just] a regular working week five days next week, and attending / DadTaxiing DsSis Christmas concerts on Tues eve, Thurs eve and Saturday daytime. That last one is a killer – four hours of Yorkshire Youth Choir singing carols smack in Leeds city centre during prime last-day shopping crush. I’m REALLY looking forward to trying to park for that one … NOT!

        • Shoey,

          Home early; I’ve now resent you my last selection as a slightly smaller .mp3. I’ve also changed my mind on their ranking, so hope you can accommodate it all.

          Also found the emails I’d sent you; they’ve come back undeliverable, but Outlook had decided “postmaster” was spam, and had dumped the notifications in my Junk folder.

  3. I will be around on all three days although I tend to find I am too tired to listen to everyone’s choices by late evening and generally save for the next day. In other words best to ignore me. I’m not reliable.

  4. Thanks all. There are now a few more items in the Santa sack I need to sort though.

    Will have the elves schedule for 8:00 pm GMT on Tuesday.

  5. I have no plans for Tuesday evening as yet, so I may well listen “live”… but may leave them for the office the next day, when I’ll hopefully have time to kill.

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