Quantum Leap Somewhere

I upgraded to Firefox Quantum as my main browser recently and, ever since, have had memory problems that have slowed things right down. Well, my Windows 10 PC has, anyway. Just leaving it doing nothing but reading the footie update texts yesterday allowed it to gobble up almost a couple of gigabytes of memory yet still have problem remembering what it was doing.

Having now explored the Firefox Help pages (slowly, frustratingly), I have discovered that Mozilla are leaping into the future without fully checking if it’s ready for them, so there may be things that don’t work yet…. (you don’t pays your money, so you can’t make your choice, or complain much).

If you have a problem with the new Firefox, download and install Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) from here. It behaves much better. Mozilla say it will all be resolved soon……

12 thoughts on “Quantum Leap Somewhere

  1. I upgraded to Firefox Quantum on my PC too, running Kubuntu 16.04 LTS, and I have had all manner of memory leaks and Firefox-related processes running out of control. There was a Firefox addition released last week that seems to have corrected some of the worst issues, but it is still a pain in the proverbial.

    • I do resort to Chrome on occasion. It’s a Google product though, and you know how I feel about them (and Apple, Amazon, Facebook and the other would-be monopolists), gf!

      • Have you tried DuckDuckGo as a search engine? I use it on my phone (IOS/Safari) and PC (Chrome). No tracking of searches. Combine this with an add blocker & you cut down the free personal data provided to EvilCorps & the crap they send back.

    • When Chrome first came out, there were issues with leaks and Google collecting data. As you would expect, and Safari has the same issues, and is a pos anyway. I never touch either of them.

      I meant to tell Chris that my FF quantum upgraded itself and loaded the correction automatically. That might be new.

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